Tesla M3P no longer available on 'cars' webpage

Just happened to noticed that the Tesla M3P Performance is no longer showing on the available ‘cars’ webpage.

Makes me wonder how many are on the current fleet and assuming they are not getting anymore new M3P’s from Tesla.

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I’d say 20 at most. Don’t think they’ve wanted to touch Tesla with a barge pole since the last delivery. With the arrival of the Model Y, a possible Model 2, and deliveries from Germany, that decision may be re-visited. With greater numbers of vehicles available, Tesla May need to start building better relationships with fleet buyers.

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Hope they don’t take them off I’m down to number 10 in the waitlist :frowning: if it ever actually moves I assume that is close

They don’t have that many of them, and the few they do have are loved so much by the existing subscribers that nobody is returning them!

The fact that it’s been removed from the website, and that you are still 10 places away gives me the idea that you probably won’t be getting one.

Hopefully I’m proven wrong. But it does look unlikely at this time.

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yeah that is what I feared.

Tempted by the Ipace but a bit too pricey

I’d seriously recommend the M3 SR+ or LR over the P

Yes the P is amazing to drive (when I had an S P85D for 24 hours), and you can have some real fun in it, but with the ONTO Telematics and dashcam setup, if I were to get one, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long until ONTO said “We want the car back!”

Ahh I wasn’t aware that was even a thing in terms of telematics

I did ask about the waitlists for LR and they said they are over 200 people sooo thats well out of the question.

If they knocked £200 of the etron or Ipace i’d be happy :slight_smile:

Only £950/month (till end of March) for I-pace SE/HSE from JLR Pivotal, although it’s a hefty one off sign up fee and charging is not included, min. 3 months. £125 referral helps too. Get a physical key also :+1:

Ahh cool thanks
I did just check it out but wow 550 joing fee is steeeep

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I know, it’s one of those… “How MUCH!” moments and then you think must be a typo and double bounce on the 5 key, but no it really is that much. It is a one off lifetime payment and you can basically use the service and come back to it years later with no subscription in between, but it’s a ridiculous amount as I pointed out to them. Doesn’t make sense if you just want to try for a month or two, but if longer term it is cheaper than ONTO at present. ONTO really are the only monthly subscription service, all others are min 3 months, especially at the premium end. The car I got is loaded with extras so it’s an £80K black cat and since had it 6 months about to swap into another brand new one. It’s a stunning drivers car, so worth the ONTO price for just a month. :blush:

yeah I’m going to try to smooth it over with the other half and might just go for it… nothing else to spend the money on at present

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Anyone with a M3P paying £799 per month all-in, probably won’t be handing it back until Onto want to sell/de-fleet, imo…