Tesla M3 leaving someone in the car

How do I leave the car unlocked when someone is in it without it engaging sentry mode?

In the Covid compliant times the family often stay in the car at a supercharger while I go inside to the facilities (being a middle aged man). Even if I leave my phone in the car with them it will go to defcon 1 after about 5 mins.

Any ideas? Dog mode locks the doors I think.

Didn’t have sentry mode when I had an evezy M3P for a month. What is defcon1? Surely if your phone is in the car, it stays on?

Defcon 1 (my joke, see movie War Games) - the car locks the doors, sounds the alarm outside and plays thrash metal Tocata and Fugue at full volume inside (no joke).

It seemed to detect that the drivers seat was empty.