Tesla in Snow


Has anyone experienced driving the Tesla in snow?


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No, but I know someone who has…


Keep in mind that Bjorn probably has winter tyres on his Tesla in Norway, while I guess the on.to ones all have summer tyres.


There must be quite a few Tesla subscribers who have experienced driving in the snow lately on the standard fit summer tyres. If you don’t get any response on here, try the speakev forum or Tesla M3 Facebook forum group.

Sounds like plenty of snow around today, so must be someone who is out and about as a key worker or doing an essential trip.

The RWD drivetrain must be “fun / interesting” having driven an i3 in the snow :rofl:

I really don’t get what BMW’s obsession with RWD is about.

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That’s for sure. Any rear wheel drive vehicle is lost in snow. At least with FWD you can power/steer in snow and over many winter seasons a FWD car has managed to get me up various Cotswolds hills in deep snow when other cars have been left abandoned. Over many years that would have been on summer tyres. Winter tyres makes it a breeze, almost like driving on dry summer roads. Only ever drive our own cars on all season tyres these days, as swapping summer wheels for winter wheels and vice versa is a pain, plus you need storage space.

It’s surprisingly good in the snow. Possibly due to the narrow tyres? Just the aggressive regen can be a pain (or even dangerous) on ice as if you lift off too fast you could end up skidding as a result.

Totally not recommending anyone does it in an ONTO vehicle nor on public roads, but if you fix the above issue by disabling the regen and traction control etc. you can have some real fun in it going everywhere sideways! Same goes with my old Peugeot iOn.

I’d forgotten about the skinny tyres. Excellent spot. Skinny tyres make a huge difference which is why decades ago traffic managed to keep moving more easily in bad winters in the U.K. checkout old footage and the likes of Morris minors all moving along with ease. The love of alloys with wide and low profile tyres are counterproductive in snow.