Tesla app features

Tesla drivers, please tell me about the Tesla app features. What can it do (as of March 2020)?

A list will suffice. I don’t need a review necessarily :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @Alasdair! I can’t speak for the Tesla App, but our Evezy App will do all of the following with our Tesla vehicles:

  • Climate: Interior Temperature, Auto Conditioning ON/OFF, Driver & Passenger Temperature Setting.
  • Controls: Connect/WakeUp, Lock Doors, Unlock Doors, Honk Horn, Flash Lights.
  • Charging: Charge %, Charging status (disconnected, charging, etc), Charge Start/Stop, Charge Port Open/Close, Charge Limit Settings.

what about the summon feature?

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Summon feature is a dream for every Tesla driver and also window closure feature. It’s not on your app

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Hi @valec and @admireuk2001, at the moment Tesla do not allow certain functions with 3rd party applications, and summon is one of them. If this changes in the future we will make sure to add it to our app!