Terrible service from onto!


Had a Zoe for a month. I was late resigning as I was away on holiday (and wasn’t aware of the resign process).

When I did resign, onto sent me a new 1 month contract (until 27th September).

Now something has got messed up on their system and they want to collect the car today!

I have been trying to get hold of someone who can cancel this (since yesterday) but nobody is authorised to make decisions and they will need to message someone for a callback.

Any idea how I can get hold of someone who could sort this?


Phone them up selecting option 2. Try WebChat on their website.



Can’t find webchat - it was there before!

I have called them (several times) but I get through to someone who says that it’s booked in for collection and they can’t authorise any change to that.

Even stranger they sent me an email today saying “Remember that if you change your mind, you can log in and re-start your subscription at any time!” - except you can’t!


Try and different web browser or clear your cookie and temporary internet files, and then try again, once you are logged in. :slight_smile:

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I think you are supposed to re sign atleast 7 days before, I know it asks me to do this as I don’t have auto sign on at the moment.

This is probably on the assumption you’d do this after the car hand back, I think you are in no-mans ground at the moment, the request will have been sent to their 3rd party transport/collection/drop off company (GEFCO), I assume you can deny collection when they arrive but I would imagine ONTO would charge you £49.50 at minimum if they let you keep the car, which I think is fair since they will have instructed their drivers who will have allocated a slot that otherwise another ONTO’er could have used.

Of course it is up to onto if they want to put a deadline on resigning (although it would be useful to tell customers this on delivery). My point is that I have resigned and they have subsequently sent me a contract e-signed by myself and Rob Jolly which is valid for another month. Regardless they now want to ignore what is presumably a legally binding contract.

Look at it another way - if I said to onto today, I don’t want my car please take it back they would say, sorry, you need to pay us until the 27th September as per your contract.

Whilst you say you re signed the agreement - you’ve not made any mention of whether your payment went through in time or not?

Onto have taken 2 payments since resigning (not for the full amount of a months rental but that is outwith my control). It now appears that these are for collection and the time between my contract expiring and onto uplifting. They have not attempted to take any further payment although funds were available had they done so.

Onto have both confirmed my hire was extended by a month AND arranged uplift / rented my car to someone else!

Instead of saying sorry, we messed up they have basically ignored the contract they sent me and taken the car back.

Buyer beware I guess!

Out of curiosity…

How long after you where meant to resign did you resign the contract?

And sounds like they haven’t agreed to your new contract, especially if they have only taken a collection fee and time to collection payment.


A few minutes I think.

Thing is, after I e-signed the contract, they / @Rob_at_Onto signed it, then they emailed it to me as “Your latest hire agreement”. I think it’s reasonable to say this was them agreeing to the new contract.

Just to be absolutely clear on this and ensure others don’t fall foul of late contract signing, what was the length of time between the new contract arriving when you were on holiday and you returning from holiday and signing it?:older_man:


That’s an automated, digital signature that gets added in for your records. As soon as you sign a contract, you get a email confirmation with the chance to view what you signed.

I can assure you that Rob’s job isn’t to just sit in front of a computer and sign his name each time a copy of a contract comes in from a subscriber.


I cannot talk about individual cases here, to give you some context we clearly state the payment terms and how the pre authorisation works in the FAQs Pre-Auth

As a business we need to ensure that all adhere to this. A member of the CS team manually chases this with all individuals at least twice from day 7 to day 3, to encourage payment and ensure we make every endeavour to allow the member to make payment.

We do value all members regardless of length of service but as a business we cannot allow cars to be out there with no payment, as this is a risk to our members, others and the business. We therefore have a dedicated team member looking after this and this team will grow as the member base grows. I appreciate members move money to cover the payment into their dedicated accounts, however this is a regular cadence and therefore it is the responsibility of the member to ensure the money is available for us to meet the above pre auth process.

We need a minimum of 3 days notice to get a collection booked and there have been instances where after day 3 when a collection is booked we have been asked to cancel this as members can pay, the process is when a booking is made to collect the car becomes available to book in the future and in most instances the cars are already booked so we are unable to reverse the booking.

I hope this helps clarify and are looking at individual requests when the collection gets booked, but we would ask members to try to avoid getting to this stage as the risk when the car is booked in on being to reverse this is high.


I now have an image of a mini Rob inside a server somewhere!

All joking aside, of course I understand that it is an automated, digital signature, but that doesn’t make in any less valid. The reason onto (and many other companies) use e-contracts is becuase of their flexibility and the fact that they are just as legally valid as paper ones. Once signed my myself and “Rob” the contract is just that, not for information / a chance to view.

When setting up e-contracts it is possible to specify a time limit for signing, as well as whether both parties have to manually sign or if this process is automated. For whatever reason onto don’t seem to have done this.

I think it was 11 days. I don’t know whether this is always the case or if it varies. Perhaps this would be useful info to give new hirers / put in the FAQ.

Carol seems to be impyling that I did not make a payment. I can 100% confirm that at no point did any payment to onto fail. Weirdly, onto have charged me for a part month instead of a full month and seem to be trying to use this as a reason to cancel my contract due to non payment. As anyone who has used onto will know the customer does not pay them, they take the money from your card.

If you check the link she posted it will help you, it says:

we will attempt to authorise the funds for your next month’s subscription, only once you have signed your hire agreement.

As you didn’t sign the document in a timely fashion no payment was made.


Did you receive the renewal email similar to that shown below? If it was 11 days that had passed then it is highly likely you exceeded the specified time limit and what you electronically signed was a time expired contract or basically a worthless piece of electronic paper. Having said this I hope ONTO investigate why you appeared to receive a confirmation of the contract. I suspect you may be the first subscriber to have exceeded the time limit or been so close that the systems simply undertook both actions (its not unknown).

I do wish it hadn’t happened to you and hope that if you do make contact with ONTO via the appropriate channels, email, chat or phone (using option 2 as described by @E7EV above) they can help resolve this amicably. However, I feel this is too late and your current car will be taken back ready for the new customer as described by @Carol . :older_man:


I made the mistake of not renewing, I appreciated the call as I wasn’t using the ONTO app as I had the key, which I guess is becoming more common now.

I can’t disagree at all, @Carol has been there to help everyone out and since she joined ONTO, Customer Service has changed a huge amount! Quite a few companies would be keen to get rid of customers who publicly criticised them when things go wrong, but @Carol has been great and always made things right.