Termination with no warning

Hi, this is going to be a long one and I am reaching out as the call centre staff are fantastic, but the people making decisions are unreachable.

I have been with Onto for over two years and this is my third card with them. SInce the mileage allowance was dropped I have had issues with the app showing different over mileage to the website and then bolt-ons being added but not cancelling out the over mileage. I have requested on numerous occasions since last month for a breakdown of the mileage not covered by the bolt ons. I tried on Monday to purchase a 1000 mile bolt on at a cost of £220 but neither myself nor three different call centre staff could get the bolt on on to my account. Currently the app is showing I am over by 339 miles, and the website is showing I have Unused Mileage Credits of 424 and a Total Mileage Allowance of 1174 miles. No one is able to explain to me the disparity. Since January I have been sent an invoice for £246.93 but was then issued an invoice of -£302.17. I raised a complaint on 18th January 2023 because I was getting nowhere and raised it under ‘Communication’ . I was told that I would be contacted, but no one contacted me. The day before the -£302.17 invoice was raised and, as no one had contacted me and I heard nothing further, I hoped that it had been sorted (I had paid for further bolt ons which I believed had covered the over mileage. My mileage for December to January was 576, so I was very confused).

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week and, after several calls trying to get the 1000 bolt on put on, I suddenly got sent a termination letter and was told that it was for violating the T&Cs. No clause for the violation was given, but the non payment of the £246.93 and a collection fee of £99.50 was mentioned.

Since then, I have been told in writing that even if I pay the outstanding monies, my contract will still be terminated. I have seen on here Onto staff stating that termination is only every sought as a last resort and after several warnings have been given and no reconciliation can be found. I have had no warnings and Onto have sought no such reconciliation with me. I have asked numerous times for an breakdown of the £246.93, this is ignored, as was my complaint. This feels very aggressive, personal and vindictive.

To add insult to injury, I have just completed a proposal for my employers, in persuant of adhering to our Green Policy, to switch our current diesel fleet to a small provision provided by Onto.

I am at a loss to understand this situation - I spoke to a lovely call centre member of staff last night who said he had other clients with similar issues and was trying to get it escalated. I have previously read that terminations take place for dangerous driving, driving offences, breaking the law etc. I am an Immigration Officer, I have no criminal record, I rely on my car for work - I work 50 miles from my home. I am stressed and anxious about getting this resolved and would appreciate any help. I have spoken to the Financial Conduct Authority who have referred it as a complaint. I would love to just get this resolved amicably.

Thank you for reading this.

I will flag @Adam_at_Onto for you to follow up with his team.

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Tagging @Adam_at_Onto to see if he can look into it.

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Thank you both so much x


Hi @alli I’ve asked @Amy_at_Onto to take a look at what the issue is with your account.

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Thanks @Adam_at_Onto - it was Amy who initially contacted me about my complaint, but when I called up, they said she would call me back, but she didn’t. x

@alli I am currently looking into your issue for you and will be in touch as soon as possible.

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@Samia_at_Onto thank you - you have provided the breakdown within an hour when I’ve been waiting weeks for it! I still don’t understand it totally, but I do trust the figures better now. Hopefully this can be resolved amicably instead of termination of my contract.

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Credit where it is due - the wonderful @Samia_at_Onto has sorted it, and got the termination cancelled. I am a happy Onto driver again in my zingy orange Corsa. Thank you :pray:


Excellent to hear. Enjoy your EV journeys. :wink:

@alli Happy to help you :grinning: I am glad to see it all worked out at the end and you are staying a loyal Onto customer.

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