Taking money after sending car back

Well I have unfortunately become another person that has had the experience of sending a car back with no damage bar a small mark on a wheel to find after a month that ONTO have tried to take £265 from my account.

No email, no phone call, just trying to take the money. The guy that picked the car up confirmed the car was all good, took pictures of it all the way round, we’d charged it up fully, I signed it was fine but now onto say there’s a load of damage (live chat saying this, not an email).

Why do they think this is ok? We have recommended Onto to loads of our friends, even people in car parks that have come over and asked about the car etc, I definitely won’t be doing that again!

Fortunately we had seen on here that others have had this so we took pictures of absolutely everything on the day it was collected however I fear we’re going to get into the position where they say it’s damaged and even though we can prove it wasn’t they’ll still try taking the money.

Has anyone got any suggestions or advice please?

@BenB I’ve seen you reply to posts about this sort of thing, can you help please?

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Hey, did you accidentally tag me instead of @Ben_at_Onto?


Sorry, yes!