Swapping questions

Never swapped a car before! Planning on turning the Zoe into a 500e cabriolet to enjoy the sunshine :rofl:

I also want to get my payment date in line with payday. This means I want the car to be delivered on the 29th of March, next Tuesday looks to be the first day a swap would be possible. So as I like to cross my T’s and dot my I’s…

On Tuesday I’ll have to pay 50% of the new rental, then would the rest would be payable on the 22nd or the 29th? Would there be a pre-authorise on the 22nd? Or would I have to pay for a month on the Zoe on the 12th (that’s when the pre-authorise happens), and then add the extra when the Fiat arrives?

Finally I do worry about the affordability check, I was made redundant about five years ago, and being older had a dreadful time rebuilding a career and it left a stain on my credit file. on.to has been an absolute godsend. I’d hate to lose access to the service. I’m guessing that as I’ve paid reliably for two years now I’d be ok?