Swapping just got a whole lot easier!

when i do it i still get the lets go at the bottom then have to type in my postcode ? i dont see swap my car ?



Log out and back in, and clear all your temporary internet files and try again…

either that or you are blocked as a serial swapper :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @Slimtrader10 the suggestions given by @mozzauk are good (although I promise we’re not blocking serial swappers!)

If you log out and log back in, clear your cache and you are still having issues, just let me know and we can troubleshoot.


Nope. They should never feed that kind of comprehensive prompt analytics about the state of their business to anybody. Maybe they analyze the big data produced by their fleet, operations, and customer base, apparently with questionable effectivity, but who knows? :smiley:
I was really surprised to see even the basic statistics about the referrals activity in the 2021 summary. It was almost negligible compared to what I expected it will be (if it was a true figure), and it tells a lot about this incentive’s effectiveness.

Not unexpected, based on all my previous experiences about their usual competence to define and implement operational procedures.
Briefly, when they taught me (I have to admit it was in the last millennium :smiley: ) to design and implement management applications, the rule of thumb was to spend 60% of your efforts defining basic procedures, prepare them for variations and for exceptions handling, considering all foreseeable complications. And you prepare for the unforeseen too. :slight_smile: Further you define variables, database queries, communication with other modules, dependencies, redundancies, and new database elements with validation points and criteria. It has to function properly on a piece of paper. You have to know what you do exactly, and you have to be able to answer any questions arising. The next 20% is when you design UX, go to code monkey mode and implement the first version, and then test it until your nose bleeds. Then test it with all the methods you can imagine, with non-synthetic data too shadowed from manual input if exists. Finally, you use the gathered results to implement a release candidate and in the last part, you finally toss your newborn child to the dogs or something like that.
I hope you get it, as I can write about this a hundred times more, but you can see my point.
But first things first.
If you fail to really and truly and wholeheartedly beat the crap out of the first step, then at the end you will have a shiny new toy meant to scorch through the atmosphere but only digging ditches, and everyone involved will suffer from serious dissatisfaction, will have a miserable life instead of getting to the Nirvana and will be at the risk to develop chronic Tourette’s if they see you. :slight_smile:

Same logged both in app and the account thought I don’t want to swap anytime soon. I the app booking section I can only see end booking which I don’t want to even try and click it :scream:

Works for me, but I’m not swapping but returning my car on Monday.

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My experience of the new online swap system was not ideal this evening, I found a Kona available however when I tried to swap the end process asked for my card details (already held on account surely?!) and the full amount for the car (£714), it didn’t take into consideration credit I had on account, referrals to be applied or unused time on my current car (~20 days) so I ended up calling up.

However, by this time the car had gone!! :cry:

Bummer. Teething issues, but really ought to work out the box. Trust you manage to get another one soon.

Hopefully they will build on this but at least it’s a starting point. Better than what we had just a few days ago.

I wonder if you had just booked it there and then if you could have called up for them to amend the payments? Saying that, it’s most likely an automated process so any adjustments would probably come off your bill for the following month.

It’s possible but only having paid my current car two days ago I didn’t want to risk it auto charing another wack against my card right now.

Spoke with @Raheel_at_Onto on the phone who was very helpful, I’ll sort it eventually, this stock situation just really be putting ONTO’S growth back, I hope as part of the recent investments they didn’t have new customer targets to meet.


Onto’s biggest rivals (Ca**o)have no problem getting new EV’s for their subscription service with a new Mercedes EV just been added.
The plus side is that Onto is a monthly rolling contract :+1:t2:


Cazoo is a completely differnet beast to OntO, as it is a car dealer that does a little bit of Subscription on the side via its purchase of Drover so think they are just converting there order book, from what I have read around the web.

The EQA has been added with a minimum of 6months @ £900 per month


I had my email notifications muted last night as it was after work time but found an agreement in my mailbox today!

We might be getting somewhere…


It’s amazing what you can do with help from a very good friend… :wink: :see_no_evil:


What would be good to understand is if that’s 26 unique cars/colours available for those dates or somewhat less as it’s the same car/colour with a range of available dates to book.
Hopefully it’s the first scenario.

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I believe it just outputs the results from the ONTO site (I didn’t make the script) - I’m guessing it’s the same vehicle (the ID4 for example) with 4 different delivery dates available

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It kinda looks that way, but I think there might be multiples for each colour, mainly because there are multiple dates and I think that is how they allocate in the delivery/collection schedules.

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I see how the new thing works now, when a car becomes available you can move the date by a week, that’s pretty cool

Yep, each combination of a car/date is a new line in the output, my reasoning was someone might want to sort to get a car ASAP