Swapping just got a whole lot easier!

We’re very happy to tell you all that we are introducing online swaps, making it as easy and hassle-free as possible to change your car!

In our annual survey you told us that swapping between cars is one of the best parts of our subscription, giving you the freedom to have full control of your electric car experience. Whether you’re trying to find the ideal car for you, or you’re just keen for something new, from now on you can simply book your swap in a few clicks on our website!

We know that some of you may not have swapped your car before and may not be totally aware of what to do but don’t worry! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to swapping to bring you up to speed and put your mind at ease.

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions about this, please let us know below!


Yay! Happy new year all!!


Fantastic! We just need some new cars to swap into now :smiley:


Potential UX game changer :raised_hands:


Awesome. @Raheel_at_Onto was right when hinting that something was coming soon.


@lgrok - Keep those eyes peeled for some more swapping options in the not too distant future - somewhat distant but not too distant :wink:

@Tomahawx - I wouldn’t try to mislead our Onto family - I was itching to confirm but couldn’t - it’s a whole lot easier to swap now though :slight_smile:


Please give us a time frame for when a new car will be added to the fleet. A, in a about a month. B, 3 or 4 months, C, 6 months+. It’s cruel keeping customers in the dark.

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WOW, the few issues I have had would be a non-issue now!

I just used the new online swap feature, thanks to onto for listening, however, as far as I could see there was no option to use my rewards points for the swap fee. Now I’m going to have to get in contact and sort this all out. I hope it won’t cause a problem

It does say in the FAQ’ to contact them to use your rewards points or email [email protected]

Bare in mind as well this is iteration one of the swap online, but I would hop it comes along sooner rather than later…

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I just got excited with this new online swap feature, it’s a frustrating shame they haven’t added the ability to use reward points. If I’d have waited until the morning to contact them the card would likely have been gone, makes the whole point redundant

Still no cars available to swap into though lol

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No good if you haven’t got any cars……just tried and couldn’t get any of the 6 models I would want to swap to. No doubt there are plenty of the £1k+ models.

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Great news!

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Another problem with the online swap, I was just going to book a swap but it wants to pre auth 100% immediately, however this was for a swap on 21st Jan on 18th Jan my current subscription is due to renew so you have already pre auth’d the funds I cannot afford for the pre auth to remain and pay over £400 on top for the swap

Great, just need a quicker way of checking for car availability now.

E.g. put in postcode once and show a list of all cars available for you

Currently select car, put in postcode and check each car, then doing that for 5+ car models is long winded !


Indeed. Let’s hope this makes it into v2.0


Agreed. In fact wouldn’t it be easier to have a bit of code that returns all of the vehicles available per postcode (….and if there are that many then allow that to be filtered down….ideally by price or tier?)?


Even better, do it in the app !

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Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks :eyes: