Swapping from Kona Ultimate to ID3 Family Pro Performance

Hi All,

Just a quick question has anyone done this and regretted it?

Quite a few people have made the swap and seemed happy with their decision. Some users here have noted that they were happier with the handling of the car and the faster charging speeds.

There are a few things to consider though:
-ID.3 Doesn’t have a flat access trunk floor.
-VW Are still having a few struggles with software stability.
-It’s not quite as well specced as the Kona. If you’re a fan of all the gadgets in the Hyundai you may miss some of them after changing.
-You’ll probably find that the car isn’t as efficient as the Kona. Range, especially in cold weather will likely be poorer.


Thank You for this, I do enjoy the Gadgets of the Kona, but space is a lot more limiting than I initially thought. I had the New Shape Soul EV before and that seemed bigger inside (Smaller boot).

I also hate not having Wireless car play, plus the faster-charging speed negates the lower range in my mind.


In which case, go for it!
That’s the great thing about Onto. If you aren’t happy with the car you can swap for a relatively low cost. And if you don’t like the VW you can simply swap back to the Kona.

If you do like Hyundai, the Ioniq is another one to consider too. It’s a larger car and at a smaller price. The battery is smaller at 38kWh however it’s even more efficient than the Kona so range is far from terrible.


Only one small point, the ID.3 Family (at least the one I got) comes with a false floor for storing cables underneath, and so is pretty much flat to the back of the car / there is not more than about a 1cm lip.


Good to know. The non-Onto ID.3 That I briefly had a play with didn’t have this. If Onto provide it as standard then that’s great and one less thing to put me off the car.


I don’t have a photo on me while closed, but you get the idea here :slight_smile:

There’s enough room underneath for things like shoes, I also used it to transport pizzas back once so it didn’t stank out the whole car (and kept them a bit warmer)


Thank You for these, I usually go on trips with other adults so need room in the back for adults plus one of them is in a wheelchair and those boots look ALOT bigger than the Kona.

You’ll definitely fit most wheelchairs in the trunk of an ID.3 easily enough. It’s a very popular Motability offering. That definitely shouldn’t be a concern.

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The boot is a good size, especially with the false floor removed (there’s another section at the back at the bottom which is big enough for the granny charger to fit easily as well)

The interior size also (back seat legroom) is generous, it comfortably fits 4 adults without needing to put front seats forward.
I’d say unless all 4 were well over 6’ you’d have no complaints out of the ID.3.

It’s one of the biggest benefits of it being an EV from the ground up rather than the Kona being converted from running off petrol.


I found the Kona more efficient but you should choose a car for your needs not just wants.

Good gadgets in the Kona and its a very very good car.

The ID3 Life for ‘me’ is a better car (boot space, leg room etc) and has enough gadgets for any driver.

I just like the feel of the ID3 better on the road, however the breaks could be better. Rear wheel drive does help and avoids the Kona wheel spins.

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I have booked in for a 10th Jan swap over, with a moonstone great Family Pro (I know not the best colour but if I enjoy it I will keep my eye out for another colour)

I am looking forward to my first drive in the ID 3.


If you look on my channel I review both cars so you can see interior space etc and also range tests it’s @mrhonestev

I’ve done it (with a DS3 and a mini in the middle). I don’t regret it at all, the ID3 is a superb car


I went from a Kona to the id3 family pro, and I’m a bit underwhelmed.

It’s ok and probably more a “living up to the hype” thing, but I find the seats uncomfortable, side visibility at junctions sucks with the massive A pillars, the range/ efficiency is poor and the whole gadgetry/ usability thing misguided.

The Kona was obviously an ICE car with a battery, and with fairly moderate expectations it excelled. The id3 is the next generation, ev from ground up, but it’s faults are so glaring.

I guess I was expecting a step up from Kona to id3 whereas really it’s more of just a trade of an EV with flaws and great range, for an EV with a different set of flaws and much more space.


Yeah, the ID.3 is far from perfect. The front/side visibility is quite annoying, the touch controls are just stupid, and the absence of dedicated cable storage in a ground up EV is….frustrating. I also find it has pretty poor low speed control calibration.

Despite all that, I personally massively prefer it to the Kona.


I swapped from the Kona Ultimate to the ID3 Family. Before I swapped I made a list of all the things I’d miss when I swapped, but I don’t miss any of them.

As a car, the ID3 is miles apart to drive, but obviously the Kona has better toys.

Ultimately, I chose the ID3 for its drivability because the Kona to me felt so unbalanced in corners and those tires are shocking.

All comes down to what is important to you in a vehicle.


I have the Kona Ultimate and my wife has the ID.3 so I can comment on both

My Kona is much better equipped and I prefer the raised driving position, however it accelerates like a hooligan

The ID.3 feels more refined and has much better manners when you put your foot down. I cannot keep up with my wifes ID.3 when we meet at the lights as I spend most of my time spinning up the front tyres while she seems to have full grip

However the Infotainment system in the ID.3 would drive me insane. I cannot believe that someone at VW thought this system was acceptable and signed off on it. The voice control listens to you like a sleepy teenager, you touch the buttons on the steering wheel by mistake quiet often and you need to google to find out how to do the basic things

However my wife prefers her ID.3 to my Kona and I prefer my Kona, therefore completely subjective and personal choice


Thank You all, I am looking forward to getting the car on the 10th Jan.

I think for me the Wireless Car Play is one of the big factors. The extras are nice on the Kona, but the size for me is a problem.

I’ll post a review when it gets delivered!


Dont get too excited about the wireless car play as if it is anything like ours, it keeps disconnecting every 5 minutes or so and then trying to reconnect