Swapping a couple of days into new month

I saw a similar question to this recently but not quite the same and would appreciate some guidance from those more experienced.

I’ve signed my agreement for continuing my car next month. Payment authorisation would happen this Saturday (7 days before) with a renewal of next Saturday, but I’m now contemplating swapping after all. I presume there’s no issue with that as I’m giving enough notice and had just signed my new contract very early.

But my primary question would be what would happen if I booked the swap for a couple of days after the new subscription on the current car would start? (reason is that it’s a weekend, so Monday would be first available day but it would technically take me 2 days past my renewal date)

Does on.to allow this and if so, how would it be handed as a technicality? I presume it will push out my monthly renewal date to the new date but what about payment? I presume they’ll take the full payment today for the new car (it’s more expensive) and then just not take my renewal debit, but what about the 2 extra days in the current car? (assuming they allow this)

Sorry, that sounded more convoluted than I intended but I guess the point got across

I know what you mean.

And it’s sort-of confusing to get your head around, I’d agree that.

I did it the other way and my (only - so far) swap was two days before the renewal date which meant that Onto’s system adjusted mileage and payment, crediting me with a bit here and taking a lump off there. It can all work!!

My earnest answer to you, and anyone else contemplating it, is to either telephone, or possibly better get on an online chat and get a friendly human to look at all the angles. They’ll clearly tell you what’s what, prompt you over anything you might overlook (I was asked specifically about whether I wanted to pay for the lower insurance excess for example, which I hadn’t considered) reassure you about carrying the mileage over and then push the right buttons their end for getting you an updated agreement - just like magic.

I really couldn’t fault the service I got in getting the swap organised and knowing how it was going to work. At almost anytime up to the point that I said “GO!” I was clearly able to say no as well.

PS I must have been on online chat about 10:00 and by 10:35 and 11:40 I had two confirmatory emails in my inbox and invoices, also 11:35, for the swap and new adjusted sub, but my rewards were applied correctly to the swap cost, and I think I had the new agreement in my account as well

Thanks a lot for replying! I figured it should be possible and I guess they will just charge me 2 extra days in my current car and then I get a new monthly payment date starting 2 days later, going forward

Now I need to ask myself do I really need to swap car and pay out more money unnecessarily when I have a perfectly nice car today (that I might not get back if I give it up). Onto makes this so easy, yet so hard for us!!

I might take your advice and call. It’s probably the millennial in me, wanting to do everything with my fingers and not via humans :joy:

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Well, what are you going to swap from and to?

“Need” is such a difficult word… :rofl:

Audi Q4 e-tron to Jaguar i-pace :grimacing:
It’s the damn engineius driver who delivered my Audi and he told me, having driven most of Onto’s cars that he’d go for the Jag every day of the week


Me too, had one for 18months plus.

Not making this easy for me to talk myself out of it!!! My logic is that even if it’s £300 more, I think it’s a hell of a lot more than £300 worth of car. Then the other half of me says that the Q4 is perfectly fine and £1k per month is already steep for a £50k car. I like the Audi (have one on order for real but no idea if it’ll ever materialise) but I kind of don’t want to drive around in an onto car that I will later get anyway and something a bit fun would be great, but then again it might make the eventual Audi delivery (if I don’t tell them where to stick their order) a disappointment after the Jag . Arghh


Do it for one or 2 months max, just to experience it.
It’s almost a rare sight on the roads due to the low volume, makes it unique.

I did a couple of trips today, one in our Onto Zoe, tother in the I-pace and saw loads of Tesla’s a few polestars, some Hyundai’s, no jags. There are a few locally where we live but didn’t see them today.

You’re totally right. I’ve never seen one at a charger. I’ve also never seen a Q4 etron (except me) but I think that’s more down to Audi not being able to deliver them, than anything else :rofl: I think your idea is good - do one for 1 or 2 months just to experience it


Yup - especially with the rate cars are developing, and costs aside, the beauty of easy transition around a range of cars is something to relish with Onto!

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