Swapped from Zoe to Ioniq

Swapped from my trusty Zoe GT to the Ioniq on Thursday 3rd Feb…I had the Zoe from new on 8th Nov. 2021 with 86 delivery miles on it,and it’s never let me down and proved to be a great EV for my needs…it was sent back with nearly 3k trouble free miles on the clock and immaculate…including the important scuff free alloys! :grin:
As for the Ioniq…when delivered,70 plate with 15k miles on the clock,immaculate inside and out but front 2 tyres on the verge of being illegal…a bit disappointed with that but highly impressed with the condition of the vehicle👍
Phoned Driverline/Tyres and the Michelin tyres which were fitted weren’t available locally until Tuesday 8th Feb…but i am going on holidays from Monday 7th to Cornwall and expecting to cover 500 miles on possibly illegal tyres?
Can’t remember the name of the superbly/helpful gent i spoke to with my issue as i need 2 new front tyres pronto…but he contacted a tyre fitter 2 minutes away from me to have 2 Hankook Kynergy 2 tyres to be fitted within the hour…as far as i’m concerned…that’s the best custom service anyone could ask for…so greatfull.
The Ioniq is so more refined and feels like a proper car and i love it…loved the Zoe but felt it was was let down hugely by quality build compared to the Ioniq…if you want a very quick little go cart around town…definitely go for a Zoe,but you can still have that Zip around town and refined/tech filled enjoyment with the Ioniq…different class! :ok_hand:


Great to hear such great service!

Ioniq is a pretty comfortable place to take longer drives too. I’m finding ACC on modern cars really makes M’way driving quite a relaxing place, and with the Ioniq’s efficiency (I left the one I had in “Normal” mode 90%+ of the time) hugely predictable on range - making journey planning easy.

Enjoy your trip!


I’ve just gone the other way, Ioniq to Zoe (I don’t think you got mine - the tyres were still good :slight_smile: ) because I thought I would get an extra 35 miles range - time will tell. There is definately a drop in quality and comfort. I’m hoping to get a Kona asap to get both quality and range.


@Kirbykyle19962000 good to hear the process we agreed with driverline worked for you, enjoy Cornwall

Hi Kirkbykyle

I had my Ioniq delivered today expecting leather seats and ventilated front seats but the seats are in cloth and no vent seats. I’m sure it was listed on the spec before I swapped. Does your car also have cloth and no ventilated front seats?



Only the Premium SE has leather and ventilated seats, Onto Ioniq’s are just Premium with cloth seats at moment
What colour did you get?

I got it in blue. I must have viewed the premium SE description when these were available.

The images are very misleading

The Ioniq was never available in Premium SE from onto. Maybe you looked at the Kona since that one has the trim with cooled leather seats?


The Ioniq I had was heated seats, but not cooled seats - the Kona (Ultimate) I currently have does have the cooled seats (which we have used a handful of times now) - so I (also) think the trim Onto have for the Ioniq is not the spec for the cooled ones.

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Here are full specs https://hyundai-website-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/mobile-production/model/ioniq-electric/tech-spec/spec_ioniq.pdf

I’ve got an ID3 Fanily right now and a silver Ionia has become available to swap. It’s almost two hundred pounds a month cheaper with the legacy pricing so I might give it a go. The worst that can happen is it’s a dog and I’ll just swap out of it for something else if that’s the case.

Good idea or bad idea?

Go for it, it’s a great car. If you don’t like it you can always swap into something else as you said.

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It’s gone! :sob: It must have only been there a few hours. I am so not interested in any of the Stellantis cars either.

That’s a shame! They do come into stock regularly though. If you keep checking several times a day you should find one in the next few days :slight_smile:

There was a black Ioniq available today also for my area FK6

Yeah the ioniq pictures are misleading. Jt feels like the car has a sunroof too but it actually doesn’t. This should get updated, not sure why no one from ONTO marketing team has picked it up

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Will flag @Lily_at_Onto to follow up on this.

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Hey @Pranjal thanks for flagging this! We will update the Ioniq imagery.



Then you could make it Iconic Ionic Imagery!