Swap Point Ideas

So, thought that, seeing as restrictions are lifting, maybe this is an ideal time to look at swap points for Evezy? Maybe take on board some community suggestions?

I am in Manchester, and tbh the swap point here is in a really poor place… bus routes and transport make it not the easiest to get to and let’s be fair, it’s a Sainsbury’s car park? I know others have the same criticism of swap points being unclear, or difficult to access.

I have contacted Evezy to offer a hotel car park on edge of City Centre Manchester (I run the hotel and we are actively wanting to partner with an EV company) with Free electric car charging points they could even brand if they wanted to, but no interest or response from them :man_shrugging:

Any members fancy making suggestions on swap points and what they could do with them?


I have a feeling they would like to partner with a national company to have some consistency. I suggested the Electric Forecourt , which will be rolling out about 100 locations in the next couple of years. In a video Rob said they have already reached out to this company, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a deal with them.


Working with gridserve https://www.gridserve.com/electric-vehicle-charging
Looks like a good longer term option, but they don’t yet have one facility in place yet, so will be some time before they have the full 100 facilities across the country. But they are doing some great technology with the hybrid and tracking solar farms…

Maybe Evezy need to find some more low cost interim swap point options which are nearer to their customer base, or developing base.

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I don’t want to offend anyone, but please don’t complain too much haha. You live in Manchester and have one in Manchester, I live in Edinburgh and have to drive 8 hours every time I want a car. Maybe a few more swap points should be the priority, rather than having them in fancier locations. Hope it makes sense…


No offence taken @davidpalen - my point may have been unclear so I apologise if it came across whingey - my point was that maybe the swap points should have better transport links and charging facilities; granted yes we have a swap point here but getting to it is difficult and this is my main point.

I did notice that pretty much Manchester is the furthest north they have a swap point at and am actually intrigued as to why each specific location was chosen? The one in Manchester, as I say, isn’t great for public transport links, so in terms of delivery, can’t be that easy for drivers to get back to the station etc to return to their base? So just intrigued what drove the decision to use there?

I think evezy should look at customer locations to review where to put swap points - okay they can’t do every city and town etc, but seems like large parts of the country have a hell of a trek to get a car and if they are anything like the Manchester one, someone unfamiliar with the area is going to find it a ballache to get there?

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I’m based in Manchester too (and live in the city centre). They have at the minute the collection point closed (I got my ZE40 delivered couple of weeks ago). I agree with the Manchester point, plus it’s only delivery not collection, but I guess we are way better than other large populations that they don’t have any.

(I have to say I also have a complain open regarding my delivery, which it was massively late (in part because the driver said that a charger forced him to wait until 100% (same charger I tried day after and didn’t happen to me…)) and I didn’t experience any covid-19 secure measurements and ended up having to clean the entire car myself, including a tango empty bottle that the driver left in the car (same driver that asked me a lift to the train station (which was less than 10min walking…).

I guess they will end up partnering with some major supermarket that offers free (or polar, or maybe another subscription that might be added to evezy in the future(?)) chargers. As ideally, you and them would want to collect the car from a charger point.

If you don’t mind, could you please give me a bit more details about those free electric charging points?
Sometimes could pop up for a nice EV-related chat, or if it’s a nice hotel might want to have a few (non-alcoholic) drinks over there. I don’t have a home charger (live in a flat as well), so I’m served for now with the supermarket ones, few polars, genie and still have to try a working GMEV.

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Hi @alegar

Sure; the hotel is the niu Loom, 2 Irish Town Way, M8 0AE - one tram stop from Victoria station or just around corner from Manchester Fort. Hotel is closed but charging points are always on, just plug in!

I am unsure on the KWh rate of them (never had an electric vehicle charge on them to test ironically) but they are EO branded chargers - perfect for me as I can charge at work when I get my car! And yeah, we have a bar and coffee and drinks when we can reopen! May have to start a ‘Charge and Chat’ group lol!


Cheers for that!

have you thought about listing them on zap-map?

I just checked and there are Tesla chargers at Manc.Fort, which happen to not work since a long time ago.

Could @Lily_at_Evezy give us any information on how Swap Points are chosen and what plans there are for opening up new ones, especially the North and Scotland?


Hi all! Thanks for your suggestions. When choosing our swap points, we look to provide reasonable travelling expectations for all our customers. We will be looking to expand our offering of swap points in 2020 and beyond, however recent events have put a delay in our plans. We have to balance our swap point offering with our ability to provide a consistent and high level of service to all of our locations :slight_smile: