Swap excess mileage for reward points

I think it would be nice to be able to swap some of my excess mileage for reward points to use for something else, like additional driver. If you’re like me I’ve had the car 2 months and already have excess mileage of 1267 then if I keep it 6 months I’m going to have so much excess that I will never use. Would be nice for that to be used for something else and Onto get a nice low mileage car back.

As much as i like the idea, I can see it been difficult to put in place from a system or development stand pont…

The more I use my brain on a Friday, the more complicated it gets…

As you would have to wait for the expiry month of those excess miles and then minus any excess you may have used in any of the previous months…

I have my maths brain in ths morning, as currently studying float point integers and logic, so please excuse the rough 10 minutes maths :slight_smile:


Everyone keeps expanding on all these lovely ideas for rewards, but the reality is they are way too complex to implement. From a business point or view, it needs to be kept as simple as possible in order for it to work smoothly and reliably across many thousands of subscribers.

My view would be just accept that a lot of the package on offer is all inclusive and it doesn’t really matter whether you use up all of the ‘inclusive’ bits, just be happy you are driving an incredible EV and helping save the planet.


Simple is best.

Just take a look at me - I’m so simple, loads of people say I’m the best! :man_shrugging:t2:

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Totally Agree, and that is what I was trying to show, even from a pure maths point of view its a nightmare, and trying to get an automation script to do this, although do able but would be very time consuming, for very little return on Investment.

I would also prefer it to be a simple subscription with no faffy bits…


You are assuming that onto have any interest in offering any rewards beyond their current referral scheme which is already fairly generous. To be honest I think its never gong to happen and it doesn’t happen in any other rental or lease model either, after all if you lease a car on 10kpa and do less , you don’t get money back or rewards. Best I can see them offering is a tiered rental price base on contract commitment.

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They do…


Wow! Why is everyone so negative and on the attack I thought this was an ideas section of the community!!!

I didn’t say ‘give me reward points for my excess mileage or I’m leaving!’ did I?. I put a simple suggestion up based on previous experience of leasing with Lex Auto and being refunded a handsome sum after 3 years and being under mileage, so yes you can get money back on under mileage in leases!!

Companies don’t win new business by sticking to a same old model constantly that suits their current clientele they need to modify and move with the markets so no idea is a bad one as its only an idea!!

I really like the onto model and how it works today and I’m under no illusion that they don’t offset against monthly costs getting some low mileage cars back.

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I don’t think its negativity, its living in a real world and being pragmatic about what is achievable. and what would be the possible ROI on the amount of time it would take to develop and implement such a thing, as I’m sure OntO would look at it in the same light…

added to that most people won’t even know about the reward points or even referrals, or even care, its like Nectar and Club Card points people dont care or forget about them…

Leasing is different to hiring a car which is what OntO is, and leasing companies make the money back from selling on a low mileage car…

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Quite a few of us have built up surplus miles due to the travel restrictions during the lockdowns. I’ve currently got over 4000 miles in the kitty…

We have previously suggested that on sign up you could choose your mileage. Options could be 500, 750 and of course 1,000. This would help low mileage users. This was a while ago now, so may merit being fished out of the long grass and suggested again.


I’d quite like to use my excess miles on other tiers, would happily take a reduction in miles to do that.

I.e. tier 1 unused miles 1000 = worth 500 tier 2 unused miles

Assume it’s not easy to implement

I know that but its hardly generous and offers no money back just a reduction on other things you have to pay for.

1. Collect 1 point per £1. For every 100 points you will collect £2 of rewards.

2. Build your rewards. Accumulate your points and use them on selective non-subscription products.

3. Extra bonus. To celebrate 6 months of active subscription, you will receive 2500 extra points!

I think having a lower mileage “reward” is a decent idea, the easier way rather than swapping miles for points would probably be to offer a small reduction in subscription in exchange for a lower mileage allowance.

There’d still be complexity as the value would differ between cars (Onto already simplifies excess mileage by having different tiers for different cars), and I do doubt the value would be significant to the end user, but it would/should be possible.

Personally I probably wouldn’t want to reduce my mileage allowance significantly for a likely very small ££ value (am guessing no more than £5 or £10/mo for a reduction of 250/500 miles/mo), having the buffer build in the background means we can comfortably do trips to visit family without needing to check if we’ll go over which is the main reason we’ve got the car.


I am not sure if someone else mentioned it but you do accrue reward points as well and these can be used for an additional driver. Just need to click the button and cash them in when you have enough. Sorry I reread your original message. I think you already knew that! Sorry End of a long day!