Swap contract clarification

Hi all,

So I have booked a swap for next month but the new contract says that I’ll have 750 miles. That’s obviously not correct since I’m supposed to be on the older rates and package. Tried messaging @Raheel_at_Onto yesterday but no reply, guessing he hasn’t managed to get around to my mesaage which is why I’m checking with all of you as well.

Email [email protected], they’ll sort it out, usually not updated until the day of the swap.


What Mark said!


Cheers guys! Will drop them an email.

hi @Pranjal - I have sent you a reply a little while ago :wink:


No worries @Raheel_at_Onto. I did think you might have not reached my message which is why I just asked the community instead. :sunglasses:


Apologies for crashing this thread, but @Raheel_at_Onto, I’m having the same issue. Only seeing a 750m allocation for my vehicle swap this upcoming Friday despite being on the older rates. I did send a email but have been told that it’s been ‘passed on to the contracts team for review’.

Are you able to help?


I’ve had a couple of swaps in the protected period, the miles on my account are updated but the agreement doesn’t get updated.

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@andrewcmole I called up ONTO CS and they sent over the new contract with the updated costs and mileage which I signed. Maybe try give them a quick ring and see if they can send you one. Should be pretty quick. I called them and got the updated one with 10 mins even got a call back from them to make sure I had received it. Super CS!!


Hi @andrewcmole - our Contracts Team will be the ones to review and issue you an amended HA to reflect the protected price and mileage. I’ll prompt them to look at your case.

@DavidJL - if you would prefer to have an updated HA - our Contracts Team can regenerate these for you - but you are correct in that the actual mileage allocation and price are already updated for price protected customers


@Raheel_at_Onto nope its all good, just was just adding my experience.


Bit off topic but I keep getting updates to say I’m losing 2000+ miles each month. I have 8000 odds spare but seems the apps cutting back or can you only keep them for one year? As I did get my first car at Christmas 2020.

New Mileage Allocated
1000 miles
Unused Mileage Credits
7844 miles
1608 credits expiring
Total Mileage Allowance
8844 miles

Correct only valid for a year.

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