Swap confirmation

I arranged a swap yesterday, delivery scheduled for the 15th December.

I went through all the usual steps, and got a confirmation email. I just realised though that I didn’t get anything to sign, and nor has any payment been taken.

Previously I’m sure I’ve paid on the booking day after signing. Anyone know if that’s normal?

Thats not normal,

I got everything within 30 minutes to sign and the payment was then taken…

I would speak to CS


Wot 'e sed :point_up_2:

I’ve a swap in train - the 50% was immediately taken and agreement is up on My Account (as has happened each time before)

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Thanks both, that’s what I suspected. I already emailed CS, but by this point the swap is unavailable on the system. If that is the case and mine is lost, think there may be an issue in the booking system because I 100% have a email confirmation of the swap, just no contract.

I’ll update when Onto eventually reply.

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Try an online chat - quicker response than email… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Good point. Just did that, seems that I didn’t receive my first hire agreement to sign. Unsure what would have happened if I didn’t realise this was abnormal and chased, I like to think Onto would have chased, but more likely the swap would have been cancelled.

All sorted now though, they resent and all signed.


We like a happy ending.

Suspect that Onto have still got some glitchy systems happening from-time-to-time…:wink:

Anyway - what is the SWAP??? :face_with_monocle:

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Nothing exciting - Tesla to a Tesla. In a white standard range at the moment, as that’s all they had at the time. Got a notification through the other day that they had new stock of long range, and had my choice of colours, so I’m presuming they are brand new too.

Expecting a Midnight Silver Long Range on the 15th.


Nothing exciting? I must be leading a very dull life :wink:


Well, the swap isn’t too exciting. I can’t complain about the car at least.

I was holding out for the Y, but looking at the price I’m glad I didn’t. I just fear that this is setting up a price increase for the 3 in the new year, considering there is a 500 price difference between the two I may live to regret this upgrade when the price jumps to match the Y.


Maybe there is a Black Friday deal email about to land :partying_face: with a large discount for one month only though

…of course - that’ll be it!! :clown_face:

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We can all dream


The price difference between the Model 3 and Model Y LR models is £200 a month, not £500. Still a bit cheeky when they cost pretty much the same to buy and Model Y residuals will be superior.

The current on.to Tesla prices staggers me TBH, the Model 3 Performance that we had from 2019-2021 was £799 a month for 12k miles per year. How times have changed…


What are you driving now @SWoll ?

We swapped to an etron 55 Black Edition in Nov of last year as Tesla prices had jumped massively and saw little value in them when an LR would have cost £500 more a month than the Performance we had.

Intend to keep that for a while yet and see what else is available when on.to ask for it back next year.


I was specifically talking about the rrp difference between the Y and the 3 long range to buy. How that equates to £200 extra a month who knows. Like I saw, I suspect the 3 LR will increase price to match eventually.

I ended up cancelling my SR > LR swap based on this, which kinda makes the whole reason I created this thread pointless :joy:

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Ah, makes sense now. Apologies. :slight_smile:

The Model 3 LR price has shot up recently, my take is it’s Tesla putting people off ordering them as would rather focus on the Model Y production/sales. I also reckon on.to will eventually phase out the Model 3 as the Y will have far better residuals and they can apparently charge more for it anyway.

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Ditto. The Y is more appropriate for many business and end users as it’s a hatchback rather than a boot so suits many more customers/masses. Never understood why they didn’t just make the Y first as remembering back to the M3 launch it was supposed to be a ‘cheap’ EV which never happened.