Summer tyres on Model 3

What are your thoughts about having the although very good quality summer tyres on the Model 3 in the winter cold? Even if there is no snow, in the constant below 7 degrees cold and in the icy road conditions the summer tyres are far from ideal, mainly regarding safety. The cold makes the rubber compound of the tyres too rigid therefore loosing adhesion and will worn out much quicker because of the accelerated abrasion. According to Evezy (getting an answer after more than a month despite they put a ‘ticket’ on their system and promised answer in a couple of days but only reacted when I asked them again today) they only cover fair wear and tear of the tyres, and if you want to be safe on the road you have to buy tyres yourself. Yeah, buy a set for £2k for yourself if you are worried… from somewhere as according to Tesla you can’t buy from them. Good luck then with a monthly commitment full service no hidden fees as they don’t think at least an all season M+S qualified tyre set would be okay to supply the car with. I think it will be interesting with the European cover they planned as in other countries improper tyres are out of question during winter and could render insurance policies invalid and will make the driver responsible and sanctioned on the spot just for non-compliance. To find yourself in a dangerous situation with summer tyres on an icy road you do not need to drive carelessly and maximum wariness could be not enough. I don’t know what is the situation with the other cars but I think it’s not really reassuring. Any thoughts?

In the UK all manufactures should be providing new cars with all-season tyres as standard. Hardly any do, so this is a generic issue, rather than Tesla or indeed an Evezy issue. Safety wise it’s a no brainier if you are buying or have a car that needs replacement tyres. Just fit all-season tyres and you are much safer all year round. As you say it will be interesting to see how Evezy cope with winter and travel abroad.


Hi @ZWA, the reason our Model 3’s have those tyres is as @burnt_crisps2 mentions, because they are the standard that comes from the manufacturer (Tesla). However, it’s been raised with the team and if there is anything we can do about it in the future, we will certainly do our best!

I know the car was supplied with summer tyres but I can hardly consider Evezy a real full service, no other cost just sit in and drive, when there is literally an ice rink instead of roads like today. Making good PR here is not solving the problem.

If you are living in a place were the roads are literally an ice rink then you should probably take it up with your council rather than EvEzy.

They are supplying a uk standard vehicle.

Not sure what else you expect. If you want to specify your own tyres you need to buy your own vehicle.


Perhaps evezy could have a couple of spare sets of winter tyres at the Operation Centres. Then if anyone wants them, they simple go along and swap them. This could be a complimentary service, or chargeable.

In either case, personally I don’t think many would avail themselves of this service. We’re not in the habit of the summer/winter tyre swap as they are in many other countries.

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I think the people who are expecting to use Evezy cars to travel abroad are most likely summer hols type events, so the standard fit Tesla summer tyres will suit. Those that are thinking winter ski type hols and travels will need country specific tyres, either winter or studded variants. While most of the UK doesn’t do winter summer tyre/wheel swaps, I have done this for quite a few years with our Yeti 4x4 and it makes a staggering amount of difference to grip in cold, wet, slippy, icy conditions, never mind snow. Basically any temp below 7 deg C.
I swapped complete wheels as I purchased another set of alloys to do this. Good points are the safety/grip in both 6month periods of the year and you ensure they get fully cleaned on each swap before storage. Bad points are you need the space to store 4 large wheels correctly stacked and in the dark to ensure longevity.

All seasons are a better compromise and we have moved to this on our cars now and the same with others in our family. Fit and forget.

Problem is very few manufs even give you the option to buy new with all season or anything other than standard fit summer tyres.
It’s about time manufs changed the default in the UK to all season tyres. It would be much safer on the roads in the winter months.

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Noticed this on Teslarati…

Tesla Model Y will come standard with Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, an all-season tire that can handle a wide range of climates.
Buyers of the Model Y with Performance Upgrade will have Pirelli P-Zero tires.

Wonder if we will finally see manufs doing the right thing in the UK and supplying all cars with all season tyres as standard?