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So if you do the full 1000 miles a month, and get an average of 3.5mpkWh consumption, you would use around 285kWh of electricity.

Now let’s assume, ONTO get charged 20p/kWh by BP, Shell et al and soon InstaVolt. (Feel free to give me your view if you think they probably pay more/less)

285 x 20p = £57

Would anyone opt for a subscription without public charging included, for a discount of £50 a month?


I would think they pay much less than that, I’d be working on cost price + 20% maybe.

As for the question, no I’d prefer to have it all included in 1 payment per month, rather than topping up different accounts all the time. Just more convenient.


I’d rather keep it how it is please… where heavy users of the free charging are essentially subsidised by light users :wink:


Good point. I suppose I was thinking of those that mostly charge at home, and those who live in areas where the included network’s chargers are few and far between.

I think Elmo charge £10 extra a month for a BP Pulse Card, so maybe my 20p/kWh presumption is a bit generous.

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Maybe I should delete this thread then, before the game is given away :wink:



Although, as long as the voting stays at it is we should be ok

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100% agreed! IMO this is not one of your better polls, @E7EV!


The included charging is of no use to me so I wouldn’t object to a wee discount but I knew what I signed up for…

To be honest I’d rather they just added more networks, specifically ChargePlace Scotland :wink:


Yes, and also, by Onto having X thousands of subscribers with live networks cards that ought to help encourage the further expansion of public charging, to the benefit of everyone. If lots of people opted out, then that positive impact for all could be reduced.

(I’m clutching at straws here aren’t I :laughing:)


ONTO: Can we get some charging cards for our fleet please. We’ll give you 10p/kWh.

CPS: Only 10p, you must be crazy. How many cards do you want?

ONTO: 2000 immediately, building up to 10,000 by the end of 2022.

CPS: 7p/kWh will be fine!

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With it being a regional network I can’t see CPS getting added as it’s something that very few people are likely to use regularly.

The best chance you have is that Swarco’s networks get added to the Shell card support list.


I use public charging almost exclusively but if it was as heavy a discount as £50, I think I’d take it and get a charger installed at home.


I don’t know, the lack of CPS charging is the only thing that stops me from recommending Onto up here as they operate the vast majority of the chargers in my area.

I’m sure Onto will sort something out eventually.

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Any ideas about how that arrangement would work? Who would approach who, and what do Shell get out of allowing other networks to be included in “their”card?

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Works for me as I can charge freely at my workplace :+1:

Where certain networks dominate in certain parts of the UK, maybe ONTO could offer a choice of cards. Although probably easier to include all cards with all vehicles as they never know where any particular vehicle could end up.

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Yes I think that would get a bit too confusing and can change any time if they open up a McDonalds or KFC near you.

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Judging by the weeks it took to send out a CPS card to me (hand stamped and printed labels envelope) they’ll never fulfil that quantity of order…

I’d opt out of the included charging if onto offered for £50 less per month. Mainly because I charge at home and no I didn’t buy the charger or install it myself so the cost is even more of a benefit for me.

Also don’t think the memberships they offer are all that great for me personally where I live. The new instavolt addition is pretty useless to me as one isn’t close and the closest shell rapid charge is broken.

Included charging is a core part of the ‘one monthly fee’ proposition and certainly is a USP for Onto, the other major one being the no deposit, 30 day minimum term.

Included charging won’t mean everyone charges from the included networks all of the time (but we know some do), just as not everyone uses the included 1,000 miles a month (but some do, and some need more, hence mileage packs exist).

Coverage will differ in different areas, the onus is definitely on the subscriber to check coverage and make a decision when signing up. While your home area might not be covered, any longer trips will undoubtedly have you passing by included rapid chargers (deepest Wales and Scotland North/West of the central belt aside maybe) and these are the ones that would cost you the most if you didn’t have these cards included (Especially Ionity!). Similarly, folk who don’t have driveways or anywhere to park with an opportunity for home charging will have to find something that works for them (we’re in this bucket and so far it’s a mix of the Shell network rapid up the road and free AC chargers at supermarkets when shopping)

Onto almost certainly gets a much better rate at scale and on a partnership basis than a consumer would with the charging networks as others have said. Levelled across the entire fleet it’s likely nowhere near £50/mo for every vehicle. At a £50/mo discount I could see appeal, but also I love that charging is included and every friend I’ve told about the service that’s one of the things that really has them saying “wow that’s a good deal” - it gets equates to fuel cost which is a huge portion of operating cost for a car.
(My two cents only!)