Subscription prices and mileage changes

Hello everyone,

I’m Rob, co-founder and CEO of Onto. I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and the community we have built together. Over the last few years, we have been excited to watch EVs become more mainstream and welcome more than 8,000 customers to our service.

However, as I’m sure you are aware, inflation in the UK is rising, with higher energy prices and increasing costs across all aspects of our supply chain. This has come at a time when there has also been a significant reduction in the government grants available for electric cars alongside the ongoing challenge of the global chip shortage that is limiting car production and increasing vehicle list prices. Because of this, we regret to inform you that will be adjusting our subscription and bolt-ons prices while reducing the included monthly mileage from 1,000 to 750 miles.

For existing customers, which means anyone with an active subscription or who has a future booking confirmed by 28th February 2022, the new subscription prices will start from August 2022.

For new customers, the new subscription prices and 750 miles monthly allowance will come into effect today, 1st March 2022.

The new mileage bolt-on prices will come into effect for new customers as of 1st March 2022, and for existing customers it will be on your next subscription renewal.

New 750 mileage allowance

From August 2022, your new mileage allowance will reduce from 1,000 miles to 750 a month. As the overwhelming majority of our customers drive less than this distance, we are trying to rebalance the way mileage is charged, so that you are paying a fair price based on the amount you are driving. Reducing the included mileage allows us to increase the base subscription price by a smaller amount.

You will still be able to use all of your accrued unused mileage, which rolls over each month and remains available on your account for 12 months from when it was first accredited. This could means that you may not require an additional mileage bolt-on even when driving more than 750 miles from September. You can check on your current unused mileage credits in [My Account].

Subscription prices

We’ve worked hard to ensure our subscription pricing remains affordable while still covering the things that make up our service all-inclusive and hassle-free.

New price
VW e-UP £379
Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic £439
Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line £449
Hyundai Ioniq £499
Peugeot e-208 GT Line £499
Peugeot e-208 GT £519
Citroen eC4 Shine Plus £599
DS 3 Performance £549
DS 3 Ultra Prestige £569
Peugeot e-2008 £589
Hyundai Kona Premium £609
VW ID.3 Life Pro Performance £619
Hyundai Kona Ultimate £639
VW ID.3 Family Pro Performance £649
VW ID.4 Like Pro Performance £899
Audi Q4 e-tron £999
Tesla Model 3 SR £1,099
Tesla Model 3 LR £1,299
Jaguar iPace HSE £1,299
Audi e-tron 55 Black Edition £1,299

Mileage bolt-ons

In order for us to continue offering additional mileage packages with inclusive public charging, we have to ensure we are doing it in a sustainable way for our business.

From 1st March 2022, the cost of mileage bolt-ons and miles overage is as follows:

NEW Bolt-on price +250 mi +500 mi +750 mi new +1000 mi Miles overage/mi
Tier 1 (VW e-up!, Renault Zoe, Peugeot e-208) 40 80 110 140 £0.4
Tier 2 (Hyundai Ioniq, DS3 Crossback E-tense, Hyundai Kona, Peugeot e-2008, VW ID.3, Citroen e-C4) 50 100 135 170 £0.5
Tier 3 (Tesla Model 3 SR+, Audi Q4 e-tron, VW ID.4) 75 150 225 300 £0.75
Tier 4 (Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model 3 LR, Audi e-tron) 100 200 330 400 £1

When will these changes come into effect?

The new mileage bolt-on prices will come into effect for existing customers on your next subscription renewal. The new subscription prices will start from August 2022.

We deeply value your loyalty, which is why we have committed to maintaining your existing subscription price and 1000 miles allowance for the next five continuous subscription cycles. These new subscription prices will come into effect when your subscription renews in August 2022.

For example: if your current subscription renews on the 18th of each month, you will continue to pay the existing price from March until July 2022 as well as receive 1000 miles allowance each month. When your subscription renews in August, you will pay the new subscription price, and your mileage allowance will be 750 miles per month.

The new prices and mileage bolt-on prices will come into effect for new customers as of today, 1st March 2022.

Is more information available?

We’ve created this Q+A blog to cover additional questions you may have about these changes. If you would like to know more about how any of this affects you directly, our customer team is available by phone on 0345 0348 647 or email us at [email protected].

I understand that price changes are not welcome news, and especially at what is a difficult time for many here in the UK. I hope you can appreciate that while these are difficult decisions for us to take, we remain committed to making electric cars accessible for you to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

With best wishes,

Rob and the Onto Family.


Edit 2 - I’ve posted an update from a recent Onto event that I went to which you can see here: Onto Meetup - Gossip and updates

Whilst the price rise is still a bummer, having been to they event, it is slightly more understandable to why the price rises have happened, wether or not any concessions will be made I don’t know, that’s in the hands of @Rob_at_Onto , however, I have a lot more respect for the bloke and the rest of the senior leadership team from having met them in person and having some 1-1 chats with them.

Based on that, I am going to try and stick with Onto if I can downgrade my car and save on some mileage that I do, as I feel like from speaking to the team, they care about me as a customer a lot more than what a mainstream supplier ever will.

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The fact you’re reducing the mileage is a big bummer… If you’re a long term subscriber that’s a drop of 3000 miles per annum.

As you point out prices are rising across the board and increasingly families are looking to have holidays within the UK to save costs, having that reduction in mileage will impact that.

Recently I went through a bit of bother with your service, and whilst Adam, Raheel and Nana were all exceptionally helpful, I think having this price increase for your car’s when your processes aren’t let’s say particularly good at the minute, is going to push a lot of individuals over the edge and go elsewhere, possibly even back to an ICE car.

Price wise for cars were very competitive, looking at the numbers for my personal situation, you’re now only marginally better than an ICE car, and whilst we are in an age where cost matters more, I think a lot of people will opt for £ over :earth_africa: - your price rise %'s are significant, I’m not really sure Onto have done this completely fairly, even I am going to have to look at the numbers and do some research.

I hope Onto maintains its ethos of getting people into EVs to help combat climate change and make EVs more appealing, but with price changes like this that are pretty significant, I think you’re going to start putting more people off and will come across more as a company interested in the £££ rather than the :earth_africa:

Edit - quick example of what you’re now up against, I’m going to be paying £579 now a month (Zoe iconic + 1000 miles)

For £579 a month, I can sign up to Volvo’s subscription plan and get an XC40… A significantly more premium car…


Ouch. That’s steep. 10% price rises at the same time as 25% mileage cuts. The Onto package has been a very good deal for me for the past two years but this is definitely going to make me do my calculations again. Let’s see what comes out on top in August.


Really not sure how I feel about the increases.
To get what I get today, I’ll need to pay 18.6% more.

That’s a lot.

The Russian rouble was on the news yesterday for losing 20% of its value. Well, overnight my pound has lost nearly 20% too.


While I appreciate the challenges, these are some huge increases. You talk about making EVs accessible, but you may well have just priced me out of membership.


Been with onto for around 2 years currently driving the kona at £590 a month now your saying price going to £640 you are going to loose a lot of customer specially the loyal ones next 5 months Will probably be my last you should of at least kept these price for people who are keeping there subscription rolling


I’ve been with Evezy/Onto for nearly 3 years. At the new prices, 3 years’ worth of ID3 with the same mileage I get today will cost me £25,164.

I’m sorry guys, Onto doesn’t feel right anymore. Time to start looking elsewhere methinks.


I do between 1,000 and 1,500 miles a month, i split the driving between 2 cars, i have purchased mileage bolt ons before. I also understand costs are going up.

The problem is having the electricity included is really good but now it’s not so, I could go to Elmo and pay for a higher range car and charge at work for nothing, I have just done calculated and their is not much difference now.

I do like OnTo but now just wondering what the difference is now, I have been waiting for new cars for ages and dread to think what the next cars will cost.

If we paid for our own electricity is it worth staying…

Such a shame.



750miles a month just doesn’t cover it .

I could deal with the price increase , but the drop in mileage ultimately makes ONTO unviable . 1000 covered me for all eventualities


I have to admit, I just sold my ICE to come to Onto full time and now this isn’t really going to work out for me. The mileage cut is what seals the deal. My commute if I was to go into the office 5 days a week for a month is just short of 1000 miles so i’ll need to be paying extra for mileage and the extra costs on top. I hope you reconsider this because I honestly think I may need to go back to an ICE now as much as I hate to.


For an ID.3 Family, to have the same mileage, you’ll need to pay £110 more.

That’s an 18.6% increase.



Appreciate the challenges but with everyone tightening their belt, then this is a big increase…

I like many others will need to re-evaluate how cost effective OntO is now against its competitors and leasing, as I think you will be pricing a lot of customers out of OntO been cynical is this the plan?

Im not sure I want to pay £80 more for the Ioniq? and TBH the Ioniq is not worth £500 a month…

And why is it now 50p a mile for overage seems like more money grabbing.

As this is a fundamental change for people are you going to offer free returns to the customers who want to cancel? as that would be the decent thing to do, or is it now all about the money?


The drop on mileage is a big mistake i think. The cost increase i could just about deal with but i think the next 5 months could well be my last with onto which is a great shame.


I have to agree. I love onto but I will have to look at other options and it looks like July will be my last month.


I’m curious how Onto know that most customers drive fewer than 750 miles per month since it seems in most cases the mileage trackers in the cars don’t work…


:grimacing: time to look seriously for a used car.


Been with Onto around a year and have 2 TVs with them. Will have to pay £160 a month more from August with a 25% drop in mileage. Wow. £100 more for a Citroen e-C4?! Makes that hugely unattractive now it’s priced in the Kona/ID3 ballpark.


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This certainly prices me (and I’m guessing many many more) out of the market, Inflating the prices while adopting “Shrinkflation” is a step too far IMO.

It’s not a “Small” increase by any stretch of the imagination

£589 Subscription (Inc 1000 Miles)
£105 750 Mileage Pack (750 Miles)

£694 (39.66p/mile) 1750 Miles

£639 Subscription (Inc 750 Miles)
£170 1000 Mileage Pack

£809 (46.22p/mile) 1750 Miles


Same here . 1000 miles a month covered my trips into work and some leisure time .

Now I would have to pay more and possibly have to pay for bolt ons , it just doesn’t cover it


Thank you Onto. I have loved my time with you. But this is now totally contrary to my needs. That being to drive to and from the office. Sad to say but I am such a shame, I can deal to an extent with the cost hike but not the mileage allowance. I already pay for the maximum bolt on and struggle with not exceeding it just for work…God forbid I use the car to go to the shops on a weekend…It seems a pretty poor exercise in meeting let alone exceeding customer expectations…maybe you should have gauged client reaction before presenting it as a fait au complete! I am sure you believe you still have the competitive advantage to remain a market mover…but I would guess any competitor with an ounce of business acumen will identify a clear gap in the market.

Quite clearly from the current reaction to your new pricing and mileage structure any belief that you have a captive market is sadly misplaced as whatever usp you had is now somewhat diluted if not eroded completely