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Hi folks,

Could one of you veteran subscribers help me out by explaining the preauthorisation procedure etc. I have tried to speak to an Onto customer rep but it was about as clear as mud.

I started my subscription on the 19th July so when can I expect to be signing my new agreement and expect the new fee to be charged.

Your help, as always, is appreciated.

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You will get an email asking you to sign the new agreement, and you have around 11 days to sign or decide you want to return the car.

So on my Ioniq the notification to renew came out on the 8th of the Month, PreAuth around the 16th of the Month and then 7 days before the renewal pre auth happens, and the payment finalises around the 23rd of the Month…

So in your case… I would expect email out around the 2nd August, PreAuth 12th August, Payment finalised by your bank and OntO on the 19th

Dont worry if the payment amount goes back into your bank account, as this is just the card payment system reversing it, and it will come back out…

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Ah okay thanks. So full payment is taken at the preauthorisation stage then?

Yes, they pre-authorise the full amount…

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Okay thanks for clarifying :+1:

Such a valid question.

I must admit to a pretty laissez-faire attitude myself. And I’m not sure I could have described it.

Personally I have earmarked a credit card that I had for many years to charge my work travel to. It’s a sufficient credit limit that I don’t have to worry, including should I need to cough up an emergency excess, or repair. Just explaining that’s how I don’t sweat what the pre-auth and the swap costs and payments are when they come through as soon as you book the swap. (I.e. I don’t have piles of cash, but I cannot be doing getting stressed out on these things)

I usually cannot believe how quickly the next invitation to sign an agreement comes around! Swapped on 14th and now another email to re subscribe this morning already :flushed::man_shrugging:

So - I know that Onto have “jazzed up” the invitation email. And I know that the data is all in there. And it’s very good - although I’m not sure people need tempting to swap at that point, and it’s space that could be left off.

It strikes me that Onto might design something visual - like a calendar - that maybe highlights when these things are happening.

As I say, I know I have the info in front of me - but in my circumstances I cannot “see” it and it’s not an issue….

But, I don’t necessarily want to see the email swamped with data - less is more.

It needs to be (and apologies for this because everyone’s doing this from projects to pensions) just a simple “Dashboard” to say when and how much… and preferably not much more (a button or lever for the other options)

Just my thoughts to feed back @Adam_at_Onto et al…