Subscription end charge

Hi folks,

I’m unsure who best to tag at Onto but my subscription ended last Wednesday (21st) and I booked a collection. Today was the first available date since then and on 14th I was charged for the 7 days between end of subscription and todays collection. I queried this and said the car would be in storage until the collection time so I was refunded the same day. Since then the same payment has been attempted a further 5 times as I changed the card on my account to one with insufficient funds but I’m going round in circles with CS explaining what’s happened etc. Each time I’ve got in touch it’s been a different story - first it was refunded and all sorted, then another invoice raised that I’ll be charged and refunded if the car isn’t used within the extra period, then there’s nothing owed yet payments still being attempted, and most recently the advisor said she would tell “them” to stop the payment, whoever “them” is, yet it’s still happening :man_shrugging:t2:

As I’ve said the money can’t be taken from my account but it’s a pain getting emailed each time, especially since another payment attempt even after the car had been collected…

Tagging @Adam_at_Onto and @Amy_at_Onto to see if someone can help.

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Hi @T27frl , @Amy_at_Onto is on a well deserved Xmas break but I’ve flagged to our CS team for follow up with you to get this resolved.


Hi @Adam_at_Onto, many thanks. I got an email last night with a resolution.