Sub £500 cars

Do you think we’ve seen the end of anything other than city cars and superminis in the under five hundred pounds range now? There’s only the Ioniq that’s bigger and that can’t have much time left before being defleeted can it?

I guess it’s a symptom of the cost of living increases, chip shortages, etc. Before the pandemic you could get an ICE Octavia for £160’ish on a long term contract hire and they’re now wanting almost double that!

To be honest there’s some scalping of customers going on for ICE’s as a lot of them are worth as much as they were bought for in the present climate so the contract hire companies must be raking it in.

All of that said, I can’t get like for like with any of the cars on here for the same price. I can get near to it but would need to put six grand down up front so what would be the point in that?!

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I think the Ioniq has at most 2 years left with ONTO.

I’m not sure what Hyundai’s plan is with it if there will be a new Ioniq at the same price point, maybe an Ioniq 4 with the 5 above it

I don’t have stats but I get the impression the Ioniq has been a popular model, both the 28 and 38. So I doubt Hyundai will drop it and have the Ioniq 5 as the base model when it costs 15k more.

If they do replace it with a similar priced car I hope ONTO will bring it onboard at the same price as the current Ioniq.

I am not sure I’m going to be able to justify £499 with only 750 miles, let alone anything higher and the Zoe/Up are too small for a family car.

I can’t think of what similar spec car to the Ioniq ONTO could bring onboard. I think the nearest, and one I would consider, is the MG5 LR Exclusive. If ONTO bring that onboard for the same or slightly less money than the Ioniq, I’d switch to it when the Ioniq is de-fleeted

Less for sure. As far as I am aware, Onto have had no Hyundai deliveries at all this year. Most of the Ioniqs and Konas in the fleet are on 21 plates. I think a few on 70’s too and maybe a small few on 71’s. So unless there is a new deal to be announced soon, they will be getting withdrawn sooner rather than later.

The classic Ioniq has been withdrawn from the lineup in most markets around the world now. It’s still on sale in the UK and has pretty good availability. But I suspect they will be closing the order books at some point this year worldwide.

The 39kWh Kona isn’t going anywhere just yet. Provided the size isn’t an issue this would be the similarly priced alternative until we see new electrified models joining the Hyundai range in the UK.

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I saw the other day that you can still be notified when the Ioniq comes back into stock, so I guess they are still expecting more deliveries in the future.

Yeah there are a few 71 plates of ioniqs. The konas are all on 21 plates as far as I know. The older kona not sure but I think they might be defleeted now. Don’t know anyone on the forum who has it

I was quite lucky getting a 71 plate then. If it got de-fleeted im not sure I could afford the Kona and the Zoe is too small to fit pushchair and shopping.

Have you ever tried the Zoe and/or Kona at all? They are actually very similar in terms of size. The Zoe is often larger than people first expect, and the Kona is often smaller than people first expect. Their looks from pictures on the internet are very decieving. Both are going to offer you significantly less practical trunk space than the Ioniq.

If ruling out them models, the only alternatives in the current Onto lineup would have to be the Peugeot 2008 or Citroen C4. Or you’d be looking elsewhere for other cars from the likes of Nissan and MG.


I’ve seen both the Zoe and Kona in person. The Zoe if it was just me would be ideal. I just need a car to commute and the occasional 400 mile round trip that is not common

The Kona is a nice car but the extra cost for smaller boot doesn’t make sense

After speaking with you Koda the Leaf(if the 61kWh version) or MG5 seem good but I’ll only switch it a good deal comes up.

As I’ve said if ONTO added the MG5 LR Exclusive for the same or slightly less money than the Ioniq then I’d swap over to it.

I can’t see them getting the Leaf again though as that’s another car that seems to be getting phased out of the market

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@geon106 did you consider getting the MG5 on pcp or lease? I feel like you would prefer to stick with one car for a longer duration. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.

We are considering a longer term lease but most places have so long wait times. VW, Volvo are straight up saying that don’t expect anything until March/April next year. The kona price rise is not going to help either. Getting an Ioniq for the summer to save money and try it out now. From what I know it is a 71 plate so should be fairly low mileage. Our kona is a 21 plate with 11k mileage on it. Almost did 10k on the kona during our time with it. Got it at 2.4k


If you like the Ioniq and decide you could stick with it long term, you could get one of them with a very short wait as long as you get an order in before they’re discontinued. In fact I think it’s the EV with the very shortest lead time right now. There’s even still a few pre-built unsold models floating around if not picky.

Only others that even come close are Model 3, MG5, MG ZS (subject to production volume ramping back up as promised shortly) and maybe a LEAF or Zoe. An order for any of these should arrive this fall.

Anything else could still come this year but I wouldn’t feel confident to say that for sure.


The MG5 doesn’t seem available on any subscription option so I’d get it on PCP

I thought elmo offered the MG5 on subscription?

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Scratch that. Just been to the dealer to collect my new Ioniq today where the manager showed me the bulletin from back in late April that explained that the Ioniq was being quietly discontinued. They aren’t accepting any custom factory orders, and production is now winding down. Any stock you pick now would be either existing inventory, cars that are already produced and now at sea on the way to the UK, or the remaining small number of unsold dealer builds coming off the very end of the production line.

On the plus side I walked out with a nice stack of free goodies like the mats, emergency kits and the like - Stuff that they would usually charge a painful amount of money for.


Elmo has the Excite, the Exclusive is still coming soon. But the Excite is £499 and then you’ll need £60-£100 for charging which will be a whopping £600 a month! Crazy money

Did they mention if they were going to release a replacement at that sort of price point?

I got the impression, though don’t have any stats, that the Ioniq 28 and 38 both sold quite well and seem popular. I thought they’d release a new car to replace it at a similar price.

Especially as the MG5 undercuts the Ioniq slightly on price with better range, albiet with some corners cut.

Honestly wasn’t considering the ioniq. Just getting the swap to try experience it. We do just over 500 miles in commuting each month on the motorway and then the rest atleast 500+ is gone for any trips and daily activities. So would like a long range car. Kona has been great for that, MG ZS LR is superb for the price but deliveries are not easy on that because of production issues.

If it wasn’t for the price rise, we wouldn’t have really considered going to the market to look for a car. Would have stuck with the kona until it got deflected then probably got it of ONTO :rofl:. Almost had it since it was a new born.

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Have you considered getting it through the dealers? There are some good ex demo models with really low PCP deals. Might have 3 to 3k on it and be atleast 90 days old but you could bag a good deal.

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To be fair knowing they’re being discontinued that does give some good buying power.

I’ll have to see in a few weeks, split from the other half last week so my living situation is up in the air, but now seems an ideal time to get an Ioniq

They’ll no doubt want them off the forecourt

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I think Cazoo still have them, but only the Excite.:older_man:


For EVs the document was advising to suggest the Kona to interested customers. The 39kWh remains in production alongside the 64. That’s the similarly priced option. The only larger EV is the Ioniq 5.

I never specifically asked about upcoming models but it doesn’t sound like there’s any direct replacement in the immediate future. I am fairly sure that the Kona was always more successful but again don’t have the numbers and never thought to ask.

Even thinking about other markets around the world I can think of a few larger models like the Elantra but they’re only ICE and Hybrid. No EV. Ioniq 6 is the only hope in terms of EV but I’m sure it’s going to be significantly more expensive.