Stuck in damage process that doesn’t make sense 🤦‍♂️

Hello forum - it’s been a while! Hope you’re all well :slight_smile:

Overnight on Monday night someone scuffed the corner of the front bumper of my ID3, presumably when parking or leaving a parking space in front of me.

There is very minor cosmetic damage but, after removing paint transfer with compound and a bit of elbow grease, it’s really just a thin, 10cm strip of paint that’s been removed on the corner of the painted bumper.

Like a good subscriber, I reported the damage through the app. Now I’m being told that because it’s third party damage I have to report it to the insurer, pay £1,000 excess and have it repaired by FMG.

I’m not questioning my excess liability (I anyway have excess insurance) but I just don’t want the hassle of repairing it now.

I have no idea who the third party was so there’s no chance of the insurer recovering the cost.

In my view, it would be far more sensible to leave the damage as it is (it’s barely noticeable), then repair it when the car goes back at the end of the subscription and charge me for the repair then.

Can anyone help me break out of the process I’m stuck in???

Probably one that @BenR_at_Onto or @Adam_at_Onto can help with.

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hi @sdmr Let me check with the damage team. If this isn’t impacting the vehicle then I would agree it could be fixed and charged on return.


Thanks @Adam_at_Onto. I appreciate that.

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Hey @sdmr and @Adam_at_Onto,

I completely understand why you wouldn’t want this repairing during your sub, it’s always a pain to loose the vehicle!

The reason we conduct these repairs during hire is to avoid any chance of a health and safety issue, the vehicles have neuromuscular sensors one of which would be an ADAS and Pedestrian which can save someone’s life!

We have to ensure our vehicles are fit for the road, not only for you, but also all other road users and pedestrians!

I hope this helps and gives some insight, happy to answer anymore questions :blush: (You can also get a courtesy vehicle from the repairer)

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Hi @BenR_at_Onto - thanks for your reply. Would it be possible to speak by phone maybe tomorrow? I’ll DM you my number.

I do understand what you’re saying—though I have no idea what a “neuromuscular sensor” is.

If you could only see the damage we’re talking about here, I can’t help feeling that common sense would suggest this is totally disproportionate.

While my vehicle has been stationary, a third party vehicle has made the lightest of paint scratches on the corner of the plastic bumper while parking (or unparking) at low speed. I have no warning lights. There’s no risk of corrosion. I honestly wish I’d never reported it :man_facepalming:

Hey @sdmr,

Yeah sure! If you could also send me a message on [email protected] I can call you first thing if you’d like?

The call would be between 08:00-09:00 before my meetings if that’s okay? :grin:

Just wanted to update this thread. In my view the damage process still went wrong somewhere, but I have to give a lot of thanks and credit to @BenR_at_Onto who went above and beyond to sort this out for me. I reckon he must have one of the toughest jobs in the business—taking money off people for vehicle damage. But he was super responsive, courteous and reasonable throughout. I’m really grateful. Thank you.

He’s a credit to your company, @Rob_at_Onto! Give the man a bonus. And make sure he’s not working unsustainable hours…


Hey @sdmr ,

Thank you for the kind words! I’m really sorry that the process didn’t quite work as we’d planned - Hopefully I was able to rectify this for you and apologies for the late evening call!

I saw your email and couldn’t sit on it, if you need anything I’m more than happy to assist :grin:

Have a great Friday, and, a lovely weekend - Should be nice weather and the Commonwealth Games are on!!!