Struggling with mileage tracker in app

Since I started driving my new Kona about three weeks ago, the mileage tracker in the app has been really inconsistent. I thought it was tracking most short journeys fairly accurately. However it was clear the long journeys (400 miles+) were no logging properly. It now looks like some of those long journeys are starting to register, albeit with a delay of days or weeks.

Can anyone explain how the technology works and how it could be so inaccurate?

I should say that the app does seem to show the same mileage as the website at all times.

Make use of the trip computer in the car on your rollover day and use that to monitor your usage. You should also find that by the end of each month the final reading is within a mile or two of what the car tells you. Even though it jumps around a lot and sometimes takes days to update it seems to work out as accurate in the end.

Rather than using their own equipment and pulling the odometer reading over OBD, I believe in these cars its the dash cam which records your mileage data based on GPS. As a result this presumably has to go through SureCam’s servers and be validated before Onto can use it on your account. If that is true it would explain the delay.

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Hi there, please can you email [email protected] and we will raise this as a case on your account and get this investigated and try to resolve this,


My onto app seems to be broken too. My e-208 has been on 102% battery for over a week now and the miles left hasn’t adjusted in the same time frame.

Should I just delete and reinstall or is there another fix?

Edit: I am using the testflight app which might be the issue.
Edit: I deleted and reinstalled but still stuck on the same miles despite driving probably more than 100 since the last shown. Battery still says 102% when I know it’s been charged and used a few times since.

Mine is still displaying the 1500 miles I started with, in spite of the 1000 miles I’ve done since then, but I’m not too bothered. I’ve notified Onto via email so that they’re aware, but I tend to log my mileage anyway so it’s no great issue for me.

The battery charge always seems to be correct though. At least, within 1%.