Spreading the word

I’ve only had the car a couple of days and it’s already been a topic of conversation with friends, neighbours and even strangers at the chargers.

Do Onto have any sort of business cards or flyers that I could order or print out and stick my referral code on to hand out to anyone who asks about it? It would be handy to have rather than scribbling it down on the back of a receipt or whatever I have at the time.


I have found the same… few people are interested in this model either as they need a car mediam-term or wanting to try an EV

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Thanks for the suggestion @Koda, sounds great. Love to hear that it’s been a topic of conversation.

At the moment we don’t have business cards or flyers to give to members, but we will explore it in the future!

Could always get some printed yourself on vista print very reasonable and considering the £50 referral fee you get it would potentially be well worth it !!


Yeah I’d be fine paying for them. Just my creative design skills leave a lot to be desired. It was why I was checking to see if there was an official design I could use before I tried to make my own.

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We got given one of these at Fully Charged Live 2019. It’s a mobile phone battery power pack which you could write your code on. I used it the other week at a charge point. A guy interested in trying out a ZE50 took a photo of my code. Hope he gets an ONTO vehicle!!