Spoiled by ACC?


I’ve tried a bunch of onto cars over the last few years (I think all with ACC) and just swapped to a Corsa-e. Is it me or can I never go to back to a car that doesn’t have adaptive cruise control as a minimum. I can’t imagine driving this on the motorway or even A roads and having to constantly adjust my speed.
Already thinking about swapping it out after a month.

AIBU? :laughing:


Wow. “Doesn’t it does that?”

I can almost hear myself screaming if I give current car back and swap to something without heated and cooled seats/heated steering wheel/blind-spot warning/ACC/smart regen/auto headlights/auto wipers…. Basically most of what a driver should be doing! :man_shrugging:

I don’t know how you can bear :bear: it? :flushed:


I don’t mind jumping into an older, interesting or ‘special’ car that doesn’t have such features because it’s all part of the experience. But in terms of my own car and what I would be happy to life with day to day, I was totally spoiled by all the features that Hyundai throw in to their cars as standard equipment. I definitely wouldn’t choose a car for myself that lacks these features.

I’m curious. What made you choose the Corsa anyways?

Looking at your post history, all but one - the Renault Zoe. Everything else will have had this.


Mainly, I’m still in the “try everything out phase with the aim to buy in the future.”

The Corsa looked like a good balance between price, range and accessories (admittedly didn’t spot lack of ACC). It was that or the Peugeot.

Now having had the corsa for nearly a month, I would probably go back. Corsa was clearly an existing petrol body with EV shoehorned in. I think the steering resposiveness is great though and a rear camera should be on every EV now (which surprisingly the ID3 didn’t have).

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The Corsa uses the CMP platform which was developed to take both piston engines and EV power trains from the get go. So not shoehorned in, or a ground up EV, so obviously somewhat of a compromise.