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Hi guys I have been done for doing 55 in a 50, never had any posts before so hoping I can do a course, my only concern is I was on the same stretch of road a week later I’m worried I was doing just over 50 again.

What would happen if I got another one :frowning:

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If you get a 2nd speeding fine within 3 years i think it is you get the points and a fine.

Literally kicking myself was a road I don’t drive down and was on the way home received it today so sad :frowning:

You may be invited to go on a Speed Awareness Course which you would have to pay for. If you do that, you wouldn’t get the points put on your license. At the moment the courses are being run on line.

Most Police Forces apply a buffer of 10% + 2mph, so I’m surprised they are fining you for doing 5mph over the 50mph limit.

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I Know that not all cameras are equal in my area. I believe the average speed cameras have a lower tolerance as I have a friend who thought he was smart driving through road works with cameras, using GPS speed, and then adding 10% +1 to the GPS speed and insisted he would be okay.

He was not okay. He had to pay about £100 and a few hours of his time to attend a speed awareness course.

I’m not sure how much lower the tolerance is on those cameras here, but it’s obviously at least 1mph lower.

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@Dani87 what Police Force is it? Was it a speed camera? What vehicle were you driving? Have you been given the option of a Speed Awareness Course?

56 apologies silly me

Also u need to be aware if you get a certain amount of speeding tickets in on.to car your subscription will be cancelled

Hi yes they stated this

It’s Derbyshire police apparently the 10 percent is a buffer not legal, my worry is I was on the same road a week later and may have been doing around the same. If so I’m in trouble with my subscription :frowning:

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Hi @Dani87 we will contact you when we receive anything, fingers crossed this will be ok this time sometime paranoia kicks in :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there something that if you commit an identical offence to one you’re being penalised for (at the same point) in a certain timeframe then they are counted as one?? Got hazy recollection of a different forums conversation somewhere in the murky past…

They were a week apart. I can’t see them being classed as the same offence. The only time I have known this to be a thing is if someone was to speed along a motorway for a while and get caught by multiple speed cameras. At that point I think they take the worst of the camera shots and use that as evidence of one instance of speeding.

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Just hope I’m offered speed course for one. I will know this week if I was caught again. Just got to hope not!