South Yorkshire OntO'ers

Seen as though we seem to have a few fellow Dee-Dars and Tykes and people from Rotherham and Donny, thought it would be good to have a seperate thread rather than us take over other threads…

And If anyone is up for it an informal meetup for coffee and cake at Fox Valley where there are 6 yes 6 InstaVolts… Then im sure we can arrange somat.

To kick it off im Hoyland but and born and bred Sheffielder, and have noticed a fair few Leafs and Tesla’s around, and we seem to have a good variety of chargers around the area from InstaVolt’s, Pod Points, and some Genie Points as well…


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I’m at the decent end of Sheffield, Barlborough side :rofl:

I grew up in Intake and Mosborough, so know that neck of the woods well, out towards Clowne and Worksop and Chez Vegas :slight_smile:

So agree its the decent end of Sheffield :slight_smile:

:+1: sounds like a good idea!

I can normally do every other Saturday, as the boss works alternate Saturdays, or can do after 5pm on a weekday…

Happy to work round other people, and try not to conflict with the Yorkshire EV Club meets…

What’s this?!

Weekends are probably a no go for me with the kids, I’d lose my cool status…

I understand…

They have a meetup every month or so in different locations usually on a Sunday Morning, next one is at Elsecar on the 3rd October at 10am

I think @sunderlandafclad is a member of that group as well…

I’m happy do evenings if that’s better for people, I know Greggs and Costa are still open at that time , lol


I’ve just joined that group :partying_face:

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Howdy all,

Yes I am a member of the Yorks EV group also :grinning: Hail originally from Sunderland, moved here in 2005 and was married to a local lass in early 90’s from my army days so a much longer connection to the area before moving here. Been into EV’s now for around 11years with our first car being a Leaf. Had - Leaf 24kw, Zoe 22kw, Merc B-Class EV and currently a 38kW Ioniq and Kona.

Currently in the Kona but took the plunge to try out the ID3 from 7th October! Must admit been pretty impressed with the Kona having done over 2000miles in last 3 weeks! Will be interesting to see how good, or not, the ID3 compares in day to day use.

Mind after seeing the Audi on the Onto stand at fully charged in corporate colour wrap I’d be happy trying that, our lass loved it!

See you all at Elsecar event if you attend, maybe we need an onto parking are set aside lol


Andy F-G

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Ill get there for 9.30am and bring some cones at the new EV Chargers :slight_smile: :rofl:

I’ll make sure they are in the OntO colours…


Thought I would share this here:

Meadowhell are going to start charging from next weekend for all the EV Chargers, as they are going to be part of the VendElectric network.

No idea on costs as yet, but I have asked… I have put the link to where I found out below

57x chargers Meadowhall, Sheffield | Page 2 | Speak EV - Electric Car Forums


Ughhhhh!! I’ve only used them once at Meadowhall but love a freebie, if its not free or inc on ONTO I don’t use it :laughing:

Heehee,… was good whilst free now its going to be 30p/KwH

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Pfffttt won’t be paying that, I won’t even charge at home which is less! (omitting occasional 95% → 100% over night before big trips)

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cough cough

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:laughing: I am pretty tight but also to be fair with ONTO we have the “free” charging option, well inc in plan and its hard to justify spending any money on charging when I can get a charge without dipping into my own pocket (more than the sub cost that is)

I actually prefer paying the £1 - £2 to charge overnight at 5p/kWh to save me waiting around for the car to charge. My time is worth more than £1-£2 an hour. :joy:

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Im a tight yorkshireman when I need to but also realise my time sometimes is worth like @Kev says more than it costs to charge…

I think I haven’t paid for a charge yet, but tempted to see how it works…

Ive tried a couple of times, Cottonwood Morrisons, and ended up with £20 pre auth for a week and no charge (the app wouldn’t play ball) and IKEA Sheffield double CCS chargers that don’t currently support double charging so left it waiting for power but again came back with no charge :laughing:

I may charge at home one day if I change my energy supplier sometime but I have a routine that works for me currently on public chargers.

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I can’t charge at home, as an end terrace with no parking…

Ouch from Genie Point, and why £20 that just seems unusually high, one to avoid…