Sorry Onto It wasn't my fault!

So…the subject title got your attention…job well done :laughing:

I just wanted to describe a situation I found myself in the other evening while driving home from work…won’t bore you again with my work journey but it involves 95 mile round trip on the M40 from Brackley to Henley-on-Thames.

The other day I was driving back and I was behind a quite clearly posted Polish articulated lorry doing 50 in the middle lane (I have a bit of a frustration when lorries try to overtake other lorries and just hog up the middle lane)…btw I hate going into the outside lane to overtake.

Anyway I digress, I sort of thought at the time…that’s odd to see a Polish registered vehicle with quite clearly Polish narrative on the back of the vehicle.

So that aside I continue on my journey…Junction 10 M40…almost home (albeit I have to charge the car)…So down A43…Happy days 5 mins to home. Sat behind a bright yellow Czechoslavakin truck…not just one truck but like one of those bendy buses Boris brought in…Two in one.

So he is going 40mph along a dual carriageway…I decided to overtake…BUT at the same time he decides to overtake the van in front…literally as I side by side with him…a major panic moment as I slam the breaks on and avoid going into the barriers!..Upshot is that if Eastern European drivers are now currently using Eastern European trucks…then they can’t see you indicating to overtake as they are looking out of the left hand window!..God I know how that feels driving on the wrong side of the road in Spain for 15 years.

The upshot is…I would not have stood a chance if I had ploughed into him! Immediately I thought about the dashcam and getting the footage to make a complaint…but what good would it do. Thankfully I am still alive (I am off to Gran canaria on Saturday…would hate the expensive holiday to go to waste)…I guess what I am ultimately saying is just beware!


Ooof - a cautionary tale. Thanks for sharing.

I have got into the swing of using driver aids, but it both aids concentration and makes longer journeys substantially easier, yet at the same time makes me anxious that I’m not reading the road enough.

(Thankfully I can read the horizon a lot better than the “smart” aids and take action on risks - but I am not so sure that other drivers do/can - I’m not sure how advanced the AI has to get to be able to assess what a LHD vehicle might or might not do… :face_with_monocle:)

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And fundamentally that’s the problem.
Plan ahead

Very few drivers actually concentrate whilst driving, observe what’s happening far ahead and leave enough space between themselves and the car in front and take note of what is happening to the sides and behind them.
It takes a lot of concentration and effort to drive, but most just switch onto auto pilot, which means muted senses :thinking:

I drove into Banbury yesterday and left plenty of space in front of me as there was a couple of cars and a large foreign plated lorry ahead driving some 10 to 20 below the speed limit.
It’s a windy, up and down twisted road with multiple junctions and blind corners etc.
The lorry behind was almost in my boot.
There are road works on that route for many weeks as they are relaying underground elecy cables, so not great at present for timely travel anyway with traffic lights just round blind bends.

Even when it’s not being dug up that route is often plagued by drivers who cut blind corners, not just cars, but vans and lorries too. It’s a wonder there aren’t more serious accidents.

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