Sorry, another moan about Renault!

Hi again everyone,

I’ve of course made no attempt to hide my hatred for the ZE50, it is completely not fit for purpose, but unfortunately OnTo have no other vehicles available to swap me into.

I mentioned to OnTo on the 6th October about the condensation on the rear lights, they booked it in at the local Renault repairer and by time the appointment came round, they said the pictures I have seem “Normal”, they also refused to look into any of the long list of faults (the usual - water ingress through the door seals, not accepting charges at some sites, pre-heat not working etc.)

I’ve just submitted the below pictures on a damage report to OnTo because it’s getting much worse, yet Renault said it was normal!

What do you guys think? I just don’t want to end up with a huge repair bill for the LED units because they aren’t cheap.

Fairly typical Zoe build quality. I’ve had endless issues with mine. It’s by far the worse built car I’ve ever driven (and I’ve owned Fiats). IMO, the ZE50 is complete junk and shouldn’t have left the factory.

ONTO were supposed to get back to me 6 weeks ago about one of the issues but that didn’t happen.

I’m looking forward to swapping mine for a Peugeot e208 on 13th Nov (if it still happens).


You’ve reported the issue, so I can’t see you being held responsible for any consequences of it not being resolved at an early stage.


I hope you’re not going to be disappointed, either by the quality of the Pug, or a delayed delivery. After all, I’m swapping from a Zoe to a e-208 as well :wink:


True, but OnTo don’t exactly have a good way of dealing with existing issues (ie damage)

I just wish ONTO could magic up a M3 for me :smiley: :heart_eyes:

Agree, but I’m optimistic that the damage fee issue will end up being resolved as was the mileage rollover one.


I don’t mind a delay - quite unavoidable under the circumstances really. As for quality, I’ve sat in an e208 at a Peugeot dealer and it really did feel in a different league to the Zoe.

I’m sure I’ll be happy :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I forgot to include Renault’s fob off

“It’s designed like that so it’s vented and doesn’t overheat”

I said, “Does the same excuse apply for the drivers door seal too?” :laughing:


Ahum, leds don’t overheat, not in that huge space. It is natural to have condensation in all light cavities these days, not matter which manuf. manufs don’t make them of course, so it’s the oem design and because they run so cold, unlike older filament bulbs, they don’t dry out the moisture in the air that’s captured in the cavity.

Renault Zoe is not the best car. It’s ok if you just renting the car but Can you imagine if you bought car like this and there is so many issues? I did request repair as well ( creaky boot and creaky driver seat) and they offered me an appointment in January 2021! Finally they agreed to repair somewhere else next month but guess what ? They booked me for wrong repair centre and I will have to drive 25 miles to drop off my car to get repaired.

One of the reasons I’m swapping my ZE50 for a e-208 this month is the terrible service from Renault. I reported issues with infotainment system (intermittent data connectivity, inability to update etc) and took it into local dealership several weeks later. They couldn’t get it to take software updates so needed to get technical support from Renault. It’s been nearly impossible to get through to them on the phone since and when I have done there have never been any updates. I gave up, basically.

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Seems like I’ve been lucky with my Zoe. Just the boot creak and no preconditioning. No other faults. Maybe I should keep it and cancel the e-208. :wink:


Nah, get the e-208. Pugs are good fun. Trust it turns out to be reliable for your time with it.

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As Monday approaches, I’m getting more and more excited at not having to deal with this rubbish

God only knows how many times its done an OTA update and it still keeps breaking.

Fingers crossed the Pug is better!

If I was OnTo, I’d be pressuring Renault for a substantial discount on the vehicles or possibly returning them, and possibly pass a small good will rebate to the customers.

I know I wouldn’t be as calm if I’d bought it, it would have been refunded by 2 weeks old!

I didn’t have a bad experience as you have with the ZE50 and came from a ZE40 so wouldn’t personally call it rubbish. I think with Zoe, when it’s good it’s good, but when it’s bad, it’s very bad! Remember it’s a 7 year old design and has been built to a budget.

I think you’ll love the pug. Worse on equipment, but better on quality and driving enjoyment.


The eight year old design should have meant that Renault worked the bugs out but instead they have ignored their customers and just added some more bug ridden features for the benefit of the brochure. Its the laziness of Renault that really annoys me, they just couldn’t be bothered to fix anything.

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I’m with @Kev for me the ZE50 was utter rubbish !

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Try telling that to the Zoe fan boys :rofl: