[Solved] Service - Delivery/Collection fee

UPDATE: This has been resolved from my point of view as it has been refunded. Hopefully this helps improve the maintenance process.

So today I had a service for my Peugeot e-2008.

The car was booked by Onto for collection and delivery by the driverline. Come to the service day and the car is collected fine after a couple of hours I receive a call from the service centre stating that the car is done and all that’s left is the delivery/collection fee (£10).

I was NEVER informed of this fee and while somewhat small it would have been nice to know that there was a fee and I could have chosen what to do.

I called Onto driver line and am passed over to customer care (more like don’t care) because they just state “terms and conditions” etc and refuse to even give reward points instead of the money.

This is something that needs improving, if Onto do not know there will be a charge they shouldn’t offer it as an option to the customer without at least checking first.

Anyway rant over and hope this can get resolved by a community manager and if not at least people are aware for the future.

Flagging @Amy_at_Onto to follow up and comment on this.

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@hnguk Good Afternoon, I have sent you a message about and have raised this with our maintenance team to review. Thank you for letting us know.

Thanks for the prompt response to this and good to see promises made in actioning this.

So is there a £10 fee or is it foc?

The service centre (Fish Brothers Peugeot) did charge a fee yes but it seemed Onto were unaware of this charge/didn’t check with the service centre.

Onto have issued a refund after I’ve provided them an invoice however I expect this isn’t something Onto would do for every case.

That’s interesting and I believe the service Onto is providing should be foc as that is what was implied before it went into full trial mode.

Glad it all got sorted out for you.

Sounds like the dealer is trying to pull a fast one…

As most dealers don’t charge for a delivery / collection, and I doubt it would come up on the booking system used by any fleet operators…