So This is What I’ve Done

Following the announcement of the price rise, many on here said what they may or may not do. I have created this thread to simply keep track of what everyone ended up doing. Otherwise people’s ultimate choices risked being lost in various threads. It would be nice to know what new friends and old ended up actually doing.

Please only post here when you’ve made your final decision and put it into action. This could be by signing a contract to come into effect later, placing an order, or actually saying goodbye and leaving.

Not the place for discussions on the merits of such and such a decision, please do that elsewhere. This is “your final answer” and it will be “locked in”!


I’ll start.

I’m going to stay with ONTO and keep my e-208 until either it is de-fleeted or the price rise in August. I will then “downsize” to a VW e-Up.


I’ve deleted the recurring 750 mile pack on the ID.3 to use up my Tier 2 allowance over the next two months and will then be changing down to a Zoe GT.

I’ll then add the 750 mile pick on to the Zoe until August when the grandfather rate period ends, at which point I’ll likely upgrade it to the 1000 mile pack depending on how much of a head of steam in mileage I may or may not have built up.

I think I’ve actually still got a few hundred Tier 1 miles in the bank.


I’ve placed an order with Motability for a Hyundai Kona Hybrid. Delivery expected for June.

In the meantime it’s taxis for me as I’m going out far less than usual at the moment. If I find that changes between now and my new car arriving then I’ll put the little bit of credit in my Onto account to good use to offset the price increase and book another car from here for a month or so.

Ultimately Onto won’t be part of my plan in the long term anymore. As much as I love the concept and flexibility, the pricing increase and reduction in mileage allowance mean it’s simply no longer right for me.


I swapped my Kona Ultimate down to a Zoe GT Line - a big change I know but I’ve had a Zoe before and like it, its due in just over a week.

I can justify the new/higher cost on a Zoe but cannot on the Kona, I’ve swapped early to benefit from the protected price until the new price kicks in, this way I can offset the cost a little with what I’ve saved until Aug, this plan takes me until the end of year atleast.

This is my “locked in” answer but taking into account I’m with ONTO for the flexibility because things change quite rapidly in my life, today’s answer might not be the same answer in 3/6/9 months.


I had already ordered a Kia EV6 when the price increases where announced. So I will stay with Onto until that car arrives in May.


I am sticking with ONTO and the Zoe GT Line. I will only be paying £20 more in August than I did in Late 2020 due to the price reduction in early 2021 and the introduction of rewards funding the additional driver. I will however continue to survey the market on a regular basis as I have done since joining ONTO.:older_man:


Once I read the announcement email I knew what I was going to do….
which is nothing until August.
The Zoe GT is a good all rounder for what it is and does and nothing changes price wise till end of August.

I’m probably one of the few who have an Onto car as a second EV and hence only do about 500 miles a month in it, so will look at options end of July, but I think any alternatives are likely to be more expensive that are subscription based and don’t want to lock into multi years of a specific car/model via other lease/PCP options.

Since we have an I-Pace via Pivotal at £1000/month we might even consider downsizing (well cost reducing) and swap that for something else to bring the monthlies down.
I don’t want to consider buying a car and keeping for 10years, so lease/PCP will all be looked at.

So it’s a locked in decision to stay with Onto till August.
The world is changing rapidly, with prices for everything going skyward and it’ll be interesting to see what decisions fall out later this year.
I might even remember to update this thread :thinking:

EDIT… remembered one other reason I wish to stay or at least come back to Onto if I do depart in August and that is the Fisker Ocean. I think that would be a great replacement for the I-pace.


Well I’m definitely locked into stay with ONTO untill august.

I’ve mitigated the price rise by freeing up cash else where , but it’s not ideal. But will continue with ONTO untill I can have something more in keeping and car I want.

Plus I must say, they have been pretty great with me over the last week


Going to bite the bullet and probably buy a MG ZS. Will stay with Onto a few months post August. I don’t want to commit to car purchase for a couple of months yet. Buying an apartment to rent out and the mortgage needs to be sorted first as I don’t want my credit score being affected by car purchase before I get the mortgage offer. So Onto will have to put up with me until probably September or October lol


I have already ordered a mokka-e so will be staying for the forseable future I may dip my toes into some other monthly subscription services as I use these services purely as my hobby for reviewing the cars and as diff cars become available will look to review them aswell


Staying till July/Aug. Getting finances sorted to place an order for the Model Y LR. Hopefully get delivery around July. If there are any delays with the Model Y then probably downsize to zoe for some time. Can not justify paying 600+ for the kona.


I see the German built ones are due to start deliveries 22March onwards.

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I am staying with onto while I decide my next steps. I didn’t see a price increase on my already expensive M3. (Apart from mileage) Considering buying a M3 or MY later in the year once my work contract becomes permanent. May be able to get a car through work on a sacrifice scheme so considering options currently.

Happy with Onto’s justification in the meantime. All I wanted was a better explanation which I think we got.


I’m also staying with Onto until August 2022 and continue driving the fun e-208 GT. I was planning to stay thereafter but I also want to expand my online design agency and I can’t do that if the e-208 GT won’t be driven more than 100 miles per month. More on that below.

From Sept 2022 onwards, I’m either leasing or purchasing outright a Vauxhall E Vivaro van 75kwh (205 miles range) and converting it into a ‘mobile design office’ to make it easier for offline businesses to access my E-commerce design and development services. Parking outside retailers (literally) and working with them directly to convert their offline shop online. No faffing about with emails back and forth, especially when it comes to large design files and product images. Something like ‘website in a day’ as I use Webflow Ecommerce as my main tool, and there will also be a mini photo booth in the van to take photos of their products and upload it online straight away. This is something I’ve been doing remotely since 2011 (Webflow started in 2014, I was using WordPress and WooCommerce prior to that).

Obviously, it would’ve been convenient if Onto offered an electric van with all the current benefits included but it’s better to have full control of what I can and cannot do, sticking to a fixed price from start to end :wink:

I’m a National Trust member so I’m going to use up all my rolled over mileage to visit as many scenic places around in the UK until August. Some NT parks have electric chargers which is very convenient! 50kwh swarco charger in Mersham, charge with a view of surrey!

5 years ago I would’ve said my dream is to own a Porsche Taycan, however, times change and lately I’ve been seeing classic car conversions to EV as the forefront and in high demand, this is something I’d love to dab in to and create a collection for future-proofing vintage cars, either for sale or to keep as an investment. This passion for EV definitely started with Onto.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a classic EV car available with Onto some day :stuck_out_tongue:


I was told delivery is scheduled for July. I think the March ones are older orders (orders placed last year Nov/Dec and a few from Jan).

This was what I was told about 2 weeks back when I started the process at work, they told me this. Either ways march is a bit early even if there was one ready for me. June, July or even Aug is okay. According to Teslas website it says June/July.

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That sounds brilliant and I think we all wish you great success with this venture.

It’s amazing how EV’s are changing life for the better for all of us.
One day we will have theme parks which are based around manually driving a car (classic car conversion to EV) once the world goes fully autonomous. Maybe other theme parks will be ICE based too. Bit like all the wonderful steam railway lines we enjoy :blush:.


Thank you and thanks to Onto for giving us this incredible opportunity to start the EV journey! :smiley:

The initial plan was to go with the Maxus eDeliver 9 88kwh and convert it into a camper van with a built-in standing shower, however, the van costs £75k and to convert it would total or exceed £100k, not worth it for only 200 mile range. I need work/life balance, living and working in the same space would be a motivation killer, although fun in off-beat areas.

Has anyone noticed green plated London buses recently?! I’m like a little kid spotting a supercar when I see them. 250 mile range is fantastic for a double decker!

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I’m staying until July / August time then going to go back to leasing on either an MG 5 LR or Nissan Leaf as both work out about £50-£60 a month cheaper with charging taken into account.

Of course things may change between now and then, but that’s the action I’m taking as it currently stands.

I’d probably stay with ONTO if the mileage stayed 1000 a month


Yellow cards to @burnt_crisps2 and @Pranjal. Please remember no discussions in this thread.

Simply explain what you are doing as far as your ONTO subscription is concerned.