So I'm off again

So I’m leaving Onto…again!!! This time it is for the reason of the car not living up to its range expectations and the cost, I really wish I could stay but for me now I only have the option to go to a Hybrid due to the cost of electricity as I charge at home.

I’m not going to lie this time with Onto, I’ve had to contact them on a quite a few occasions after my husband having an accident in the first Megane after 18 days but its been pretty smooth along the way after that. This first Megane is still not fixed and I’m glad I refused to drive it now learning that it needs a new rear crossmember which after 5 months is still not available and driving it damaged as it was could have been dangerous aswell as causing more damage.

This time I’m going to a hybrid but not a plug in so I’m effectively moving away from the charging network as I can’t deny its been a nightmare this time around as previously the demand was lower when I first started with Onto but this time I’ve queued, been to many broken chargers and ultimately settled on wasting money charging at home because it was just easier.

So although I am leaving I still leave with a heavy heart as I have enjoyed my time with Onto and even through the little bumps along the way the majority of the time things have been really good. So maybe in a few years I’ll be back when the charging network is a little better and that damned electricity price finally comes down. I work in the industry so I don’t blame the companies producing electricity, I blame that Putin bloke!!!

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You’ll be back for sure as once anyone drives an EV they are hooked, but the infrastructure is still a huge weakness for many across the nations.

Having a break means there will be more choice from both cars and infrastructure when you come back to the fold.