So disappointed

I have been trying to get complaint resolved since about may keep getting told that it’s being looked in to. It’s a absolute joke now @raheel

Raheel no longer works at Onto. It’s @Hena_at_Onto who mostly deals with customer service issues in the Onto community now, who I have tagged to hopefully pick up on this for you.


Hi @Ml_ang I am sorry to hear you are having issues - I’ve just messaged you privately so you can confirm your email address and I can take a look for you - Vince


@Vince_at_Onto I thought you were looking into this obviously not it’s ridiculous it has to be put on community to get past each email been a week and you still not responded back

Did you respond to the PM from Vince and confirm your email?

Yes I did and then nothing as usual

Bummer. Time to flag @Adam_at_Onto

@Ml_ang Sorry we haven’t got back to you, I’ll follow up with the team on this today.


Okay thank you but again iv had to go and post on community to get any sort of response from you guys it’s not on

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Why have I still not had a response/ resolution this is ridiculous

Hi @Ml_ang hope you’re well. I’m sorry you haven’t had a response yet. As you were advised by Vince, this is currently being looked into for you. Each aspect of your complaint is being looked into at the moment with the relevant teams. I’ll be chasing this up to see if we can get any answers for you sooner, but I do apologise for the wait. We will reach out to you as soon as we can :slight_smile:

And in this time your sending me final demand notice in the post it’s just not on