Slight car issue

Hi everyone.

My windscreen wash tank is leaking, full when I leave, empty when I return, so it must be quite bad. I’m booked in for the 27th for a repair, but it’s illegal to drive with it empty…. What do I do between now and then? I spoke to customer service who directed me to driver line and they said call head office tomorrow but they don’t have any sort of agreement for stuff like this. Just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences and what the outcome was

When it’s full and you clean the windscreen, does it actually squirt the windscreen and wash it?

It sounds like one of a few things has happened.
A pipe has come off
The motor fitment has come out of the tank
The tank has split

Whilst it might be technically illegal, I suspect there are tens of thousands of cars on the road as we speak that have empty wash bottles, because they have run out of fluid.
The police are not about to check on this minor issue unless the windscreen is so muddy you can’t see out and I doubt that is the case with your car.
In real terms at this time of year it’s not such an issue, so I would suggest you carry a large bottle of water and just top it up before each journey till you get it fixed.


It does indeed work as it should. One thing I have noticed, it’ll be full, then I’ll activate front or back wash and when I check again it looks like it’s gone down more than the required amount for the clean I’ve done


When you leave the vehicle for a certain time on a dry road/drive/car park, is there ever a puddle somewhere underneath?


That happens to me sometimes if I stand still for too long.:older_man:


@Grandadgeorgec we make a great double act. I’m the “straight man” who feeds or sets up the jokes for you the “comic”.