Six See Bee Bot - 🚙⚡️ - Road Trip Ahoy!

25-31 March 2023

Road Trips in EVs are 10-a-penny these days. Land Groats to John O’End happening all the time and people driving Ariyas out of the factory and breezing a Pole-to-Pole.

In 2013 a road trip around UK would have been an “adventure” - in 2023 it is just so mundane as to be ridiculous. Yet the EV-sceptic out there still expect the battery to be in landfill by the time it gets to Norfolk, and that’s if it hasn’t gone up in a spectacular fireball crossing the Suffolk border. Of course “the infrastructure doesn’t work”, “you can’t charge in the rain” and “glorified milk-float, no thank you” are all features of our everyday conversations too - EV Bingo card at the ready?

So, I’ve been saving up my Onto-miles-piggy-bank especially to get on the road and drive six corners of the British Mainland. It was going to be four, then you add in going to other extremities and … well “Six Corners and a Bulgy Bit” - @Six_See_Bee_Bot:man_shrugging:t2:_ (Twitter) - and that’s a pun for six_cee_bee_bot _(on Instagram, which I don’t know how to work anyway)

It’s primarily for my own pleasure - no one’s making me do it or sponsoring me (nice Onto gave me a few miles in the tank (<10% of what I need) because they’re using my image in marketing, but that’s complete coincidence); and another nice acquaintance at a fleet charging card operator has tossed me an RFID card for some sites that Onto’s cards won’t reach - JIC. There’s all my conflicts of interest disclosed

There is some seriousness in trying to get a high-level assessment of public charging, challenges, accessibility issues and any vehicle constraints that would render some merit to the “if I can’t drive 600 miles without stopping” brigade’s tropes - these are issues dear to my heart in supporting EV ChargeSafe (who I may be working for again in near future) and their vision for accessibility with safety and security.

I have contemplated sharing the drive (a well-known podcaster friend was considering, but we’re now planning something else)… if anyone’s mad enough to think of co-piloting…you know where to find me :joy:

Expecting to cover near 3,000 miles in under a week, so this presents a bit of a challenge. It’s NOT a race, a rally, or any sort of silly stay-awake endurance. Resting and overnight stops are all in there!!!

So Onto Community might like to keep tabs. For particular “operational” reasons I’m planning on a start of March 25 (by the end of the trip it might become clear why) and from west of London (where A30 meets A4) doing a loop starting counter-clockwise. So hoping for Lowestoft Ness by dawn :joy: (God knows what Dawn will think of it all, nice girl though)

So - over to Onto Community:

1: It’s the Megane - how efficient might it be over c3k?

2: You’re tripping around the coast of GB - what points merit a stop (e.g. Angel of the North is on the list)

3: Anyone want to meet up as I do a Volt and Bolt somewhere near you? (more route details will follow and I think I’ll be publicising progress on “Glympse” as well as social media updates - and here of course)

4: do you want to open a book on exact mileage I will do from BP at Henly’s Roundabout, Lowestoft Ness, John O’Groats, Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, St Davids, Lands End, Lizard and back to BP… (yeah, I know, that BP didn’t work last time I went there either…)

Over to you lot! :eyes::blue_car::zap::earth_africa:


Could be a charger roller coaster :roller_coaster: ride but sounds fun.

Look forward to the updates :sparkles::+1:t2::sparkles:

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Sounds a lot of fun and would be game for it, but I’m on hols in the black hole of EV charging called Wales for that week.

Looking forward to seeing the updates as they come in each day :+1:



There be dragons :dragon:

Yup, got me Dragon Charging app primed and ready. And eyes on InstaBolt on the way to Lake Bala….

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Not that many though and none in Swansea!, only in the South and only AC (22kW), no rapid CCS, unless I’m mistaken.


Well. In fact:

1: There are apparently some 50kW CCS :dragon:

2: 22kW charging is one of the Megane’s secret weapons - can be useful at times.


Bala Lake is one of my favourite places. I went to university in Aberystwyth and would always make sure I went via Bala to stop a chill.

Awesome place.


Totally agree, one reason I looked at Dragon and thought “Zoe country” :wink:
Taking the I-pace so it’ll at least grab 11kW, but surprised how little CCS 50kW chargers there are in Wales and ones that are working too :man_facepalming:

Seems poor pricing too for the AC chargers.


So - my podcaster friend did a “charging wastelands” trip of about 600 miles a year or so back. Really highlighted the need for some planning.

In the last 16 months (i.e. during my EV experience) I’ve taken three different cars to the Elan Valley, and it’s been interesting to feel that psychological reaction to distance-from-charger.

One of the trip reasons is to really get out of that comfort zone in a couple of places…. to compare with the relatively luxury of hopping up the A1. Western Highlands of Scotland has currently hit my anxiety-o-meter up a little bit. Wales less so. I can imagine a Leaf in the depths of Wales. But, even Tesla aside, many “average” EVs - IMHO - just need the driver to apply the appropriate strategy.

Curious about anybody’s (unscientific) feelings about these sort of trips. FUD-sters can easily stir up anxieties which I really don’t think are there. But Behavioural Science (BS) aspects are interesting (to me) …. and affect perceptions of safety and accessibility for all users :thinking:

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This sounds super amazing tbh! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your experiences. How often would you update? Is it like one big post at the end or as you go day by day updates? Anyone else going with you? Hopefully you have someone else to take the driving strain off you.

Load up all the snacks as well :oncoming_automobile:


Early on I decided a video would be fairly pointless, there are plenty of people who can do a better job. Andrew Till now takes over a year to edit his LEJOGs - so there’s no hope for me

So it will be regular updates from the road - here and using Twitter, plus I think I’ll be able to post a “Glympse” link for real-time.

And, no doubt I will have some questions for the community and you for me :man_shrugging:

No - there were a couple of possible Co-Drivers, but they both have other/work commitments. I was a bit torn from day one whether I actually wanted to do it solo. But I haven’t ruled out the possibility (do you want to come?) although I’m not sure now how long the Additional Driver takes to set up (presumably quite instant) - I was hoping one of the ChargeSafe boys would come along - because we could do it as Inspection Training! :rofl: … but I realise there’ll be few times that there will be any dwell time on most days!


OK, so had the “typical” cold hit me over the last three-four days….

….but that should be fine as I will be in usual Beano grumpy and cynical mood if I get on with it as planned. Just in the last 36 hours of near-non-existent forward planning.

To give it the merest sheen of planning, I’m about to ping the button on a couple of accommodations, but being the coward I am it will be on tariffs which allow me to change dates even on the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking ahead, it should be typical British spring weather conditions (i.e. all four seasons, probably on the same day).

I just got sidetracked to a site which had the Megane efficiency pinned into its “Top 5” nestled between Kona and Niro. Now I KNOW that’s a complete fabrication, 4.87 miles / kWh :joy::joy:

That’s made me laugh so much - I’m coughing badly again, OUCH!

Anybody like to guess what I’m going to average then?



So who started their Road Trip at a BP?

Was I expecting it to work?


Well :point_up_2: duh!

No it didn’t work. But yes I wasn’t expecting it to :zap:

First 101 miles done and pretty lights



Will I get to Scotland, or am I due to burst into a fireball any moment? :man_shrugging:


We’re loving the updates @K12Beano - safe travels and take plenty more cool pictures!



How far north are you coming??

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On way to Dundee today; Thurso tomorrow…. :wink: