Simple Charging Networks List

Hello All,

I know this might have been suggested before but I’ve been working on filtering networks on Zap-Map and finding a definitive list of networks has been a struggle.

After talking via live chat I got a list of the BP & Shell partner networks and here is the list I have so far:

Everything red I could not find on Zap-Map, although since some use acronyms it’s difficult to know if I actually missed them or they aren’t on Zap-Map.

My suggestion to Onto would be to provide a list that regularly (every 3 - 6 months) gets updated to ensure an easy way for new and regular customers to know what networks can be used. Ideally converting acronyms to the full in brackets to reduce confusion.


ONTO have a list


That list was kindly done by a subscriber. @Koda I believe.


Yeah that was me.

CYC is now officially dead however. Geniepoint can be added to the Shell Recharge list. And Hubsta can be removed as it merged with Mer.


As of today, these are the filters you should set on Zap Map as an Onto subscriber:
Alfa Power (Shell card)
Allego (Shell card)
BP Pulse (BP card) (Shell card)
D2N2 (BP card)
EB Charging (Shell card)
ESB Energy (Shell card)
Fastned (Shell card, Autocharge via Fastned app)
GeniePoint (Shell card)
Instavolt (Instavolt card)
Ionity (Shell card)
LiFE (Shell card)
Mer (Shell card)
NewMotion (Shell card)
Osprey (Shell card)
Raw Charging (Shell card)
Revive (Shell card)
Shell Recharge (Shell card)
Tesla Supercharger (No card required, only available to Tesla subscribers)
Ubitricity (Shell APP)
York City Council (BP card)

You can also set a filter for ‘Other’ in the networks list to see if you can find any of the lesser known networks that are supported but don’t have their own entry on Zap Map for the likes of ChargePoint network. You’d have to check each location one by one to see who operates them. These smaller networks tend to be better covered on PlugShare rather than Zap Map, though it’s much harder to filter out networks on that app.


Thanks to everyone who has provided lists so far. I will reply to this comment that the reason for my post is for Onto to provide a list themselves rather than rely on the community to maintain one.

After all Onto are the ones providing the charge cards, it would not be much more work for them to publish a list that regularly gets updated (with changelog)

If there is already this list then could someone send the link as I’ve seen at least 3 on the onto site so far. FAQ section, Help section and another location.

My overall point from my original point was that the information of charge networks is too spread out and makes things difficult for new customers and even for regular customers as the network grows.


How did you manage to get the list :-).
Must be some hard work thx for that

Will flag @Adam_at_Onto to pass onto the correct team members and resolve.
There should only be one definitive list and links from various other sections to that list.

I have a question regard GeniePoint my local Morrison got one. If I use the shell card it says card not accepted with my shell card any suggestions?

Hmm - is your Shell card working otherwise? :thinking:

Find another Genie?:face_with_monocle:

Try ringing the Genie customer services.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I cannot recall having a problem with the card - a couple of the units, yes.

Use the Shell App.


@Lily_at_Onto can you please review the feedback ref charging list please.

@burnt_crisps2 @hnguk thanks for flagging.

I’m on holiday now till 26th September (I’m sure you will enjoy the peace and quite) please tag @Hena_at_Onto on any community escalations (which tbh I would suggest you do anyway as she is the one who follows up on community related escalations).