Sign up to our Handsfree Unlock Beta!

Hi everyone,

We’re now in a position to open up our Handsfree Unlock Beta to 12 lucky customers. For those of you who don’t know, the Handsfree Unlock feature is something we’re looking to roll out to our entire fleet over the coming 12 months, following this initial Beta.

Handsfree unlock will allow your car to unlock as you approach it, when the feature is enabled. There are 2 options for Handsfree unlock.

  • Handsfree Unlock
  • Only unlock within one metre.

Users will still need to lock their car using the Evezy app for security purposes.

For this forthcoming Beta, we’re looking for 12 users to test the functionality.

We require:

  • 6 iOS users
  • 6 Android users

Eligible Cars:

  • Renault Zoe
  • BMW i3
  • Tesla Model 3

Unfortunately for this Beta we’re not accepting Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Ioniq customers.

Once qualified, you will be sent a device in the post which you will need to put in the glovebox of your car. We’ve luckily been able to find a way to make this work for the Beta without needing you to travel to us, or having a technician visit your car.

To sign up, please visit the link below. Beta participants will be asked to complete a quick weekly survey once the device has been installed. We’ll be in touch with more details for the members who’ve qualified.

Many thanks to all those interested in participating, if the initial Beta is successful we will look to roll this out to more of our fleet in phases.


Thats very clever and good to see in the current circumstances.


@Lily_at_Evezy is this device the final solution and doesn’t it need to be powered?

Great idea to use the forum to recruit beta testers. Hopefully that will encourage more subscribers to visit the forum regularly to make sure they don’t miss out on something!


Hi @E7EV! The box we’re sending to Beta customers is battery powered, and should last for a couple of years based on our conversations with the manufacturer. We’re confident this solution could be used as our “final” one, however we’re running the Beta to establish if this will be viable.


Sounds interesting, I’ve added my name into the hat.


Thanks everyone for your submissions! We have enough for the Zoe and Model 3, but still need more people with a BMW i3. The link is still open…! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for signing up! We have everyone we need and we’ll be contacting those who are eligible in the coming days

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Just got my email to say I’m on the beta trial, cannot wait to go handsfree !


Me too! Can’t wait. Remember though that it’s hands free unlock only. You will still need to lock your vehicle with the evezy app for security reasons. Look forward to hearing how you get on.


Yep, I got the call as well.


Indeed, the only downside to Evezy’s solution is not being able to allow others access to lock and unlock the vehicle. Many times I’ve had to return from my lesiurely strolls as the wife has finished shopping and wants to put stuff in the boot. Normally she’d unlock / lock herself then come find me. It would be good to be able to share access to non drivers.

Then on other occasions having hands full of shopping and having to dig around for my phone, unlock it, open Evezy app, connect to vehice, unlock car, oh the pain :joy: at least this should take away 1 of the inconveniences :rofl::rofl:

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Can’t she download the app on to her phone

I didn’t think that was allowed??

I’ve downloaded the app on to both my iPhone and iPad in case something happens to my phone. So technically it’s possible to have the app downloaded on two devices at the same time.

May need checking with @Lily_at_Evezy but I would have thought it should be ok for a spouse/partner. Ultimately you’d be responsible as the Subscriber, so do you trust her enough…?

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Think your wife might need to register with Evezy, but you can certainly have multiple drivers of the same car. Just need to set that up with Evezy.

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Two in addition to the Subscriber. But I got the impression that Mrs KineticHaze is not a driver so she wouldn’t have to be added to the fleet insurance.

Found it in the Ts and Cs. May still be worth asking if Mrs KineticHaze could be authorised to use the app so that she can get in and out of the car when you’re not present.

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I thought the key (not the app) could only be on one device at a time. It was suggested in the discussion about I3s not unlocking that swapping the key between multiple devices was one of the possible causes. So there might be a risk in a poor mobile signal area that you could lock yourself out in the remote location (well a supermarket car park).

Not sure I follow you in there being a difference between the app and the key. At the beginning of each hire period I download the new key onto my iPhone. Then if I check the app on my iPad, it’s up to date. Don’t need to download key on to that device separately.

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I’m still hopeful, mainly because ever since I’ve had the Evezy app open front and centre on my phone (driving to / from work) IFTTT has stopped triggering on geolocation so my Evohome smart central heating doesn’t turn on/off on my way to/from work anymore