Should wheel nut key be present?

Hello! My first car turned up today - new e-208, which I’m very pleased with (I loved DriveNow until they deserted London but this actually works out much cheaper! :sweat_smile: ) . There’s a pack of wheel nuts in the boot but no key. Should the key have been included, or does keep that? Delivery driver said to ask - nothing to do with him (fair, I suppose!). I’ve tried to submit a damage report in case but the app says it fails to submit every time. I’ll try again tomorrow…

As an aside, I saw questions about the 2021 e-208 GT: this one has 10 inch display with sat-nav, no heated seats, seats looking like the GT Line rather than the old GT (I think), no wireless phone charging. Forgot to check ACC but I don’t think it has it. Both fuel cards and both charging cables were present. Has green number plate. Oh, and no car key, of course :wink:

Yeah you should have the wheel nut key included with the car. If you just give them a call this morning and press option 2 for new customers they should report that it’s missing, and be able to get it delivered to you in case you ever need a wheel taken off while it’s in your care.


On the phone they suggested a few more places to check - wasn’t in any of those so I tried submitting a damage report in the app. It worked this time!