Should I change from an ID.3 Family to E-2008?

I’ve got an ID.3 Family right now, I really like it. BUT! I saw an Ontoneer yesterday with an E-2008 in blue and it looked lovely. Anywho, there’s three of them to swap into at my location.

I’ve read that they have bad range in winter but it’s not winter right now!

What should I do?

  1. try it. ‘Cos you can

  2. …if you really find diminishing poorer winter range, swap to something else!


2008 looks cool, nice size, slightly sporty feel to the drive.

I’m still thinking about its cousins, the Mokky and the ë-C4. Especially having driven all three (only about 45 minutes each) over the Farnborough FCL.

Did I mention the 2008 looks good. Quite comfy too, although not as soft (and certainly as wallowy) as the Citroën.

Front wheel drive, less power, probably less efficient, and it’s NOT a bespoke EV design so doesn’t benefit from the Tardis-like interior space :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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So which one of the three would you prefer or recommend? :wink:

You will certainly feel the lack of power compared , I do like the pugs

I “like” all three in their different ways.

Each has a few downsides, when compared to my current Kona (Ultimate) - but I strongly agree that that is possibly the best “value” car on the entire Onto fleet and packs in a considerable bang-for-your-buck.

I actually prepared quite a long comparative review, which I never published.

The top three points on each:

Citroën ë-C4: comfort, comfort, quiet cabin
Peugeot e2008: practical, design, competent driving/handling
Vauxhall Mokka-e: design, handling, driving experience

All have good tech, and their share of quirks. But jury’s still out on which I might want to live with for, say, 4 months. Each benefits from being a shade cheaper than the Kona, and I’m going to let that practicality sink in and one day will make a complete snap, and possibly random, decision!

(Unless something more attractive comes up first - and I could still be tempted by ID3, because my gut feel is that looking past the software and controls quirkiness it will be a pretty big step in driving/handling above either Mokky or Pug.)

It’s all very, very subjective. None intrinsically “bad”. YMMV. :man_shrugging:


Take a look at my channel I have just finished reviewing rhe e2008 @mrhonestev I really like it the range is fine and wasn’t as bad as the ds3 in cold weather

I have the ec4 at the moment…jury is out keep an eye out for the new reviews

@Slimtrader10 you gonna do the 500e too? I’m 50:50 on whether I should try it for a month


Just go for it @Raheel_at_Onto mind your company discount :grinning:

What’s your exit strategy?


The e-2008 has a lovely flat floor when the rear seats are folded down. Great for car camping :wink:

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You need to have one for a month.
I had to deliver/collect some Fiat 500 Abarth versions and it was an absolute blast.
The EV version has to be the same, just an awful lot quieter.

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Can you clear this up as it says manual folding mirrors and further down it says power folding mirrors?

At least it comes with a windscreen and tailgate!


If he can’t get the door open … he leaves through the roof? :man_shrugging:

Dunno. Seems like a daft Q to me :roll_eyes:



If @Raheel_at_Onto only intends to keep it for a month, will he be able to get the next vehicle he wants? He did say he was worried about not being able to get another ID.3 afterwards, in a previous post. Try and keep up please… :wink:


I thought you meant he couldn’t exit the car…. :flushed::grinning:… are they electric doors? :man_shrugging: I’ve had cars which relied on electrickery to slightly lower the glass and open the door! :flushed::grinning::joy:

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I had the e2008 before swapping to the ID3 Family last year and really liked it. Range was fine in warmer weather. It’s a really nice car, comfy and super quiet cruiser + it looks great. Give it a go, that’s the joy of Onto!


I did much better on this thread than another one, as I understood the context. :blush:


@E7EV @K12Beano - the exit strategy is my issue. The one thing holding me back is having my ID3 snapped up and then not being able to swap back.

Not really an Onto fault as we need to keeps as many cars booked out as possible. An idle empty unbooked isn’t what we’re after.

The exit strategy in the 500 wouldn’t be a problem- doors, window, roof and boot - I think I could manage to just about fit through any :rofl:

I’m enjoy traffic more and more these days seeing phenomenal numbers on my GOM :crazy_face::see_no_evil::rofl: