Shell Recharge Price Increase

Just had an email, reminding me of the free hog roast roll that I need to get around to enjoying soon, and an update to the price per kW/h at Shell Recharge sites - Now 41p/kWh from 39p/kWh. I must admit, the Shell infrastructure is impressive and if the modest increase helps them increase the number of charging sites (and we’re not paying it) then it’s all good :laughing:

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The card from Onto works at shell chargers too? I’m yet to receive the first car but I’m already confused about where the free miles are actually free and where they aren’t? Also reading that the BP Pulse app shows chargers we can use but another BP app shows other chargers that we can also use…

Jolly good. That’ll keep the riffraff off them :wink:


Yes, you should have a Shell card and a Polar (BP Pulse) card in the vehicle

The Shell nearest to me is surrounded with 8 Instavolt units and a BP Pulse rapid, Plenty of alternatives for the riffraff :smiley:


The Pulse/Polar card will work at both Charge Your Car, and BP Pulse locations.
The Shell card works at a long list of networks listed below. You can set up a filter on Zap Map to see where you can make use of your two cards. Any of these networks are all free to charge and included as part of your subscription.

Shell Recharge
New Motion
Alfa Power
EV Box
Franklin LiFE
Grønn Kontakt
Has To Be


I had an issue with a osprey charger close to me. When trying to use the shell card it was declined. Had to call osprey who activated the charge session from their end.

Did you definitely tap it on the correct reader? The RFID Panel and not the credit card terminal?

Also the charger you used, was it one of the Circontrol ones (wide unit with touchscreen on the right) or an ABB One (tall, slimmer unit with touchscreen in the upper middle) - Osprey are only officially able to accept the Shell card on the Circontrol rapid chargers.

Also worth adding the Shell card to the app, as sometimes even if the card itself won’t work, you can bring a charger to life via the app

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Yeah was definitely tapping the Rfid panel. Yeah I will add the card to the shell app.

This was charger

That’s one of the newer Circontrol chargers. It definitely should be accepting Shell cards.

Looking at the usage of that charger, I note it claims it hasn’t been used for 2 days or so, which to me would suggest it either has connectivity issues, or a fault. Even during the lockdown restrictions that usage seems a little too light.

That was me 2 days ago haha. Its a bit out of the way and since the pub is closed nobody will really pass by. Also its next to public charges a few minutes drive away.

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Annoying, but at least they do answer the phone and try and help. Their CS is really good. (I’m looking at you, BP Pulse)


On the subject of issues with the shell card… The LiFe Franklin Energy rapids have been turned on, but they don’t accept the Shell Card - I called FE up and they said for some reason, they don’t support third party cards on those chargers.

Seems very odd, but I guess it’s something to do with Sheffield City Council. Some of the new rapids were showing in the Shell app, but they disappeared the day after my phone call from another of the units

The Franklin Energy rapids are ABB Chargers as well just like the old Osprey ones, aren’t they? I Wonder why they specifically seem to dislike the Shell card. I would have said it was a manufacturer issue, but Fastned have these exact same chargers too and I am pleased to say no issues with them and RFID Cards.

No, I called Franklin Energy and they said them units are not enabled for any third party cards and can’t say any more?

Does this cover instavolt chargers located in shell garages in Scotland as they say powered by Chargepoint

No. Instavolt is it’s own network that just use Chargepoint equipment and technologies unfortunately.

Unless you live near Edinburgh or Glasgow you’re likely going to struggle with the free included charging, and will have to sign up for your own Chargeplace Scotland account. A RFID Card costs £20 per year but that will give access to the majority of charging options throughout Scotland. Depending on your region that £20 may be all you pay, or there may now be usage charges. Check it out on the CPS website or Zap Map for tariff information.


So I can use my shell card at virta? I’ve got one a mile away from me but didn’t think I could use it , it’s virta , but on the unit it’s eon aswell , I did try and use these but can’t remember if I tried my shell card

If it’s the Virta network and powered by E.On Energy that’s fine. If it’s the E.On Drive network then no I don’t think so.

Does it show up on the Shell app? That’s a good way to check but if not it wouldn’t hurt to try it with the card if you are passing.

It doesn’t show up no, but I’m being sent a shell card out, my ds3 came without one , so once I get it I’ll try it cheers