Shell Recharge / ESB Energy Overstay Fee

Hi there,

An ESB Energy fast charger in London states that a overstay fee will apply for any charging over 1 hour.

Is this enforced and would the charge be applied to my Onto bill?

Sometimes I need the car above 80% charge and especially on these cold days it takes longer than 1 hour to get there.

Any insights on this?

Yes. These penalties are enforced, and they will be invoiced to you. I suggest you recharge your car after use when the battery is warm to allow for faster charging, and ideally not going too much past 80% on rapid chargers to avoid inconveniencing others.

I’m not advocating it, but what happens if you just end the charge before 1 hour is up and then start a new session?

@calvin22580 would also need to check any parking restrictions imposed by the borough concerned!


I have one like this near me, best not to overstay as they get you on camera and fine you! Not ideal I am sorry but we do not agree the terms of the chargers

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