Shell Recharge card - use abroad?

We’re taking our onto car to France in 2 weeks time and I’m planning the journey around chargers. There’s a few motorway chargers which are supposed to work on the Shell Recharge card provided with the car, however on the card itself it says “Valid in GB”. Would it work abroad? Thanks!

Shell Recharge is the only one of the 3 cards which works abroad…

See European Union Travel | Onto electric car subscription · Onto

What about charging?

We include charging with our charging partners as part of your subscription, while BP Pulse and Instavolt don’t have charging stations outside the UK yet, Shell Rechargehas over 170,000 in Europe!

If you are driving a Tesla, you will still have access to the supercharger network when abroad. You can see a map of all their stations here.


Great - I thought so but then I saw the “Valid in GB” bit on the card itself and I didn’t know what to make of it. Anybody charged abroad with the Shell Recharge?

Download the Shell app, if you haven’t already and link it to your Shell Card. It’s great to locate and get information on chargers in Europe. Also, if the card fails, you can use the app to start a charge.

(Thinks out loud: I wonder if it’s worth swapping to a Tesla just for this convenience alone when going on a. road trip away from normal comfort zone…:thinking: )

As @E7EV suggests, I think the way to go is to make sure your app is up and ready to go. Don’t forget that you will have to un-link it before any future car swap…


Probably not the right thing but if you are swapping the car can you keep the old shell card in the new car and put the new cars shell card back in the old car being returned? I’m guessing from ONTOs perspective they have one bill to pay, doesn’t matter which car of theirs used it to charge? It would save us the hassle of unlinking the card from the app which can take a few days.

Or are these cards linked to the car reg itself?

App is linked! Thanks very much everybody for the help.

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I imagine each card will be linked to the car - it’s one way to identify abuse (i.e. if a car has charged an unfeasible amount in a given space of time then it would clearly require investigation).

I believe that to be the case, so it is and always has been necessary to unlink and return cards with the car at any swap or end of subscription.

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Your Shell Fleet card should even have the car’s license plate number printed on the front of it. These ones are definitely linked to a specific vehicle, and that’s the only card that the end user can link to an app out of the 3 that Onto supply.

You must contact NewMotion support to delete the card from your personal account before the car goes back, and then if you need to use the app again with your new car you can then link this one up instead.

I Think officially, Onto seem to frown upon you linking up these cards in the first place, but allow it as long as you have it unlinked from your account before the car goes back. I seem to recall a post on here from the Onto team saying words to that effect.

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Yup. Works just fine. App is handy for remote activation if there’s no RFID but that’s quite rare as eMobility is very common in Europe. My card doesn’t work at Fastned although that’s in the U.K. as well as in Europe. There’s a thread about it on here.

No mine doesn’t have the car reg number printed and the previous car I had also didn’t have hence why I assumed it wouldn’t be a major problem swapping over the cards. But cool thanks all for the clarification on this

Interesting. All the Shell Fleet cards that I have seen have the registration printed on the bottom left.

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My card doesn’t have any reg on it too :face_with_monocle:


Mine is also like that. The card is in the car or else would have shared a picture but its similar to yours with just the card number and no reg number printed


Mine hasn’t :grinning: