Shell charging card

Has anyone else had issues with there she’ll charging card.

Couldn’t get mine to work at a osprey or genie point charger .

Customers service have ordered me a new car so hopefully that comes in good time

I used mine at Ionity twice yesterday and once yesterday at Geniepoint and once yesterday at Shell Recharge and each time it worked fine

It’s too late now as your card will be blocked after ordering a replacement for you, but make sure you are tapping the card as a RFID Card, and not as a contactless credit card. On many chargers, these are two separate card readers.

You can also try using the Shell recharge app once you have the new card and activate them that way, but you must remove it from your account before you return or swap a car so it’s ready for the next user.

In the meantime, hopefully you have BP Pulse, Charge your Car or Instavolt charging options nearby to keep you going?


Yes, mine failed on Osprey

Osprey were prompt to answer support phone and we tested it - their conclusion was that the card had ‘timed out’ through 3 mths non usage / defective

spent last 9 weeks trying to het Onto to replace it…

nothing yet…

cost me 800 miles so far and about to cost me another 800 this week (visiting same remote location)

I do trust that is not the norm for these cards.
I have only ever used the Instavolt card, so it will be a pain if this is the default for the 3 cards supplied.
Not heard of this before and can understand if Onto/Card company request termination, but the card should remain active until there is a request to terminate.

Maybe @Koda and @Raheel_at_Onto have some info on this.

Hi @burnt_crisps2 - the fleet cards should all remain active - we don’t have a way to deactivate them and we don’t ask the issuing parties to deactivate them either .

If these are being timed out due to non-usage, this is news to us - however, I’ll raise this further to see if we an get confirmation for the community :slight_smile:


Some cards like the shell one have an expiry date clearly printed on them. They should always remain active until this date unless Onto request a replacement for it before this date, or if Onto failed to settle the bill for the account.

With exception to third party cards that are linked to a Geniepoint account (you have to re-associate after a year of no use) I am not aware of any EV charging cards in the UK that get canceled due to a relatively short period of inactivity.


Never noticed before: