Shell card is not working

hi there,
my shell card is not working. seems like no one is helping from onto.
I emailed, called but no luck
shame …

Did u call shell direct from the charger?
Always best to do this as they can tell if it’s the charger or the Shell card and can of course start the charge session remotely.


I had the same issue when I had my car delivered. I made various calls to ONTO/Shell and found out from Shell that the card was blocked by ONTO, they advised me to ask ONTO to order a new card which took near enough full week before ONTO decided to pull their finger out and place an order.

So until I got my new card, I had to pay for my own charging which I know you can claim back but I had to make multiple calls for ONTO to do anything so good luck!

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Spoken to both Shell and Onto and they both blame each other. Bizarre…

hi @semihvicolo I’ll get this looked into for you.


They kept doing the same to me unfortunately. I must have made 10+ calls for them to finally sort this out.

There was a trail somewhere about all the charge station providers that would accept the Shell Recharge card including Osprey and Ionity.
Up to the end of 2022 this was the case but now I find the card doesn’t work.
On Shells own EV charger App the Osprey and Ionity chargers disappear if the Shell Recharge Only filter is applied.
Anyone else had a similar problem using Osprey or Ionity chargers?

The, “Shell Recharge Only,” filter in the Shell app removes any charge points that are not Shell/Newmotion branded, so it’s correct that Osprey and Ionity would be hidden.

I’ve had no problems using Ionity or Osprey chargers with my Onto Shell card.

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