Shell and Ubitricity

I know Shell acquired Ubitricity earlier in the year, my understanding was that you couldn’t use the Onto card with them due to the way their system/app/activation etc worked (no way to pay with RFID card).

I noticed today that it looks like you might be able to start a charge from the Shell recharge app (using the linked Onto RFID card)- I haven’t tried this as there isn’t a ubitricity point in my local controlled parking zone, but there are a fair few nearby I could use on weekends/after hours when some restrictions don’t apply- has anyone tried this / think it’s a no-go?

If you tap ‘charge’ it comes up with this:

Edit: worth noting the “warning” here is to say the space isn’t guaranteed, that it’s shared with other vehicles.


Interesting. I’ll check it out this week @Tyson.

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Could be in for some bitter disappointment but hey I think it’s worth a shot! :smiley:

I asked onto about it a few weeks ago and was told the official answer is no, but look forward to giving it a go as I hadn’t noticed that!

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I just tried this now. This works and I am glad as this opens up a large number of charging points. Very much plug and play. Plugged the cable to the car and then the charging point. Clicked on charge in the Shell app and light goes from amber to green indicating the start of the charge. Well done to Shell for getting this integrated into the app.


That’s amazing. Thank you for testing. Guess we can add it to our zap map filters :raised_hands:

Huzzah! At last my endless fumbling through apps and wondering about things has been fruitful :laughing:

Now if only the council (who has hundreds of ubitricity points across the borough) would install any in my permit area I’d be set!!

Uhmmm, this is what I got after filling up the Shell Card info:

Can you clarify what you did to get the shell card working @Kenzo?

Is anyone else seeing the error?
With my last Onto vehicle I personally had no issues at all and was able to use mobile payments to start charge sessions.

Hmm, I didn’t have a problem getting my Onto Shell card into the Shell Recharge app; I’m hesitant to remove it and re-add it though as I don’t want to lose it!!

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I Wouldn’t worry about that. It’s impossible to remove a fleet card from your account once added!

no way!!!

ahh this is brilliant

I have the Onto Shell fleet card included in the app. In the Shell Recharge app, it was in account then charge cards, and from there, activate card. Choose the Shell card for fleets and then scan the QR code at the back of the Onto Shell card. This will include the card in the charge cards section. That should allow it to be used for Ubitricity and other Shell charge points. For Ubitricity, I then clicked on the charging point from the map for the unit to be used. I clicked on charge and it showed the image as @Tyson had at the start of this thread which shows the charge card that will be used. Click on charge again and that confirms the charge.


Will add the card to the app and test this weekend, thank you @Kenzo

I guess the potential concern here - is there something about newer Shell cards being distributed which prevents them from being able to be added to the Shell Recharge App – @chema27 not sure how you got into the screen you’ve posted above, where you went in the app etc?

I think I went into my Account, Charge Cards, Activate Card, Fleet Card (but to be honest it’s been a few months, I don’t remember exactly how I did it)

Out of interest, on a swap, do the cards stay with the vehicle, or with the driver?

If you are adding fleet cards to the app, and subsequently cannot remove them from the app, I wonder if that would prevent them being added by the next driver?

They are registered to the car, not the subscriber and must be returned with the vehicle at the time of return or swap.

I’m not sure what happens if someone else tries to add the card. Hopefully their attempt removes it otherwise I am going to be stuck with an old Onto Shell card on my personal account.


Can add my success with Ubitricity to this thread- went exactly as @Kenzo said upthread.

Only took a few seconds for the light to turn green- I’m a happy camper! (Now if only the bloody council would install one of these in my permit zone!)

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Hey, I’m new and read your post. Only started sub today and activated Shell card on the app and worked for Ubitricity charging.

Can I ask a question about your screenshot. I use both iOS and Android and the Onto app doesn’t look like yours. Is the appearance different depending on the car make and model?

The app hasn’t updated the charging status and looks nothing like your screenshot.