Shell and Osprey

Hope you can help this newbie. I believe that I can use Osprey chargers? Hopefully so as it’s the only local charger included in my subscription. Went today to the one in Oldham, tapped my rfid card, and it said authorisation failed. Thankfully it was just a reconnaissance mission, but later this week it would be really useful to be able to use it. I can slot a charge into my working day on Thursday. Am I missing something here? Is there an app? I definitely used the correct card reader! If it happens again I presume I will have to ring Osprey/She’ll/Onto?

Give Onto a call and get them to investigate with Shell. A lot of people are having problems it seems with their cards being blocked at Osprey chargers in particular.

One other thing to try is the Shell Recharge app. Link Onto’s card to the app as the payment method and try to activate the charger that way. If that fails it would be a call to Osprey and see if they can assist at the time.


Osprey having a problem with cards there machines its there problem. .ring them why there they will set it up to charge .they say it takd two weeks to sort. When charging there good .then ring to turn it of when finished


Well would you believe it! Rolled up today machine had a different Home Screen, tapped the card and it appears Bob was my Uncle! Went straight through to authorised. This is great news. I now have an charger on my flight path. I’m not totally reliant on the generosity of Andy Burnham and be.ev!


Excellent news. And I do like your typo rename of Shell to She’ll.
I did wonder if there was going to be a “she’ll have to…” comment that would appear later.

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Damn autocorrect… :rofl:

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Not sure if it’s the same thing but it happened to me twice that Shell/Pulse fast chargers said “card not authorized” and stuff like that and I was totally confused. I rang Onto for help. They passed me to the Pulse helpline which couldn’t really do anything. Then I just connected the cable to the car, touched the card again and it worked! I thought you need to touch the card first, but no, I had to connect the car on both occasions first and touch the card after. But no one told me this…? How was I supposed to know that? lol

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I spoke to the Osprey helpdesk yesterday for the usual manual start to charging with the Shell card. They said that they have identified the problem with our cards: the RFID readers are reading the card number backwards so it looks like an invalid card number.

They have released a software fix for the problem and all of their chargers will be updated over the next week.


That would make sense as the Home Screen was different on Wednesday to the one I saw on Tuesday. Good news anyway.

Interesting, but not sure how that can be the case - I’ve been using Osprey for months with the Shell card, with no problems. Only two locations though.

Surely ‘reading the card wrong’ would affect all Shell cards, all the time?

It could be different revisions of their chargers, it’s unlikely that chargers installed over multiple years would have exactly that same hardware inside.

If it was an Apple product, they’d probably tell you you’re holding the cars the wrong way round and it’s upside down or back to front!

Good to hear they’re aware of the issue and fixing it!!

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This why I like Osprey. They listen to customers and take action when there are issues. Unlike other networks that just seem to smugly sit on their laurels.


Unfortunately true. Many of the networks have customer service that leaves a lot to be desired. Even Instavolt who so many people love and consider to be reliable. Outside of office hours they just forward your call overseas to Chargepoint who can’t actually assist with these chargers.

Osprey (or Engenie at the time) started off equally bad, but have taken huge steps forward and are now amongst the best. Not only in terms of customer service but also charger reliability.

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Used my first Osprey chargers today. Flawless with the Shell card. Quite impressed with how much charging Shell opens up!

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