Shell and Onto Partnership - you now get access to even more chargers!

Hi all!

As you may already know… Exciting news! We always aim to improve our service and give you as many perks as we can.

We are launching a partnership with Shell to give you free access to even more chargers all over the UK and Europe. This includes not only Shell Recharge, but all their network partners!

You can read all about it here:

You will be receiving your Shell card in the mail in the coming days if you haven’t already. Through that link above, you can see a map of all the stations that will be available to you. As always, it’s included in your Onto subscription, and you can charge for FREE at all of them, even the rapid chargers.

This includes over 3,050 charge points in the UK.

The Shell card is in addition to your BP Pulse (former Polar Network) card, so you get to keep both.

You will also get a direct link to the map through the chargers button on your Onto app soon.

If you have any questions about it, please let me know :slight_smile:


Brilliant news!

Are Instavolt chargers included?

(Just to note - I’m not expecting that Instavolt chargers are covered but there’s been some debate as to whether they might be though so it’d be good to clear that up. Regardless, this is honestly such a positive move forward and I think is really appreciated by everyone - even those who unfortunately don’t currently have many of the included chargers near to them. Thanks very much and Merry Christmas to all at Onto!)


Ionity is included with their fast chargers. Very good news, well done Onto.


For all us Scots in the group if we can get access to a ChargePlaceScotland card that would be great!


Hi @Lily_at_Onto,

I asked in the other thread but you might have not seen it. Does this include free charging in Europe if we take the car abroad since it says “Valid in GB” on the actual card?


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I’ve now had a tweet and an email that says it includes Europe so it must include Europe and maybe the card is just a bit misleading.


This is great news. Thanks so much! There are so many more points available including 100kW+ options.

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Is this just Shell charge points or are there other partners? Is instaVolt part of the partnership??

Various other networks, key ones being Osprey and Ionity. Almost certainly not Instavolt, I think.

Best bet it to get the Shell recharge app (turn off the Shell recharge filter in the app - somewhat counter-intuitively).

Although…having said this…Osprey chargers aren’t included in the Shell app…?? @Lily_at_Onto

Like a drowning man clutching at straws…bless :wink:


So where it says “check out all the charging stations” and then links to the Shell map, this isn’t actually correct as Osprey chargers (at least) don’t appear on the Shell map.

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Ah but see my Osprey discovery! Maybe you just got unlucky!?

Maybe Instavolt is included but just doesn’t show in the map yet - like Osprey.

Has anyone tried an Osprey yet I wonder?


Tried it today on a New Motion charger. There were 8 chargers and some 11kw and some 3.7kw according to the Shell map, but they all looked the same so I couldn’t tell which one is which. They were all the little ones without any display. Took me at least 10 tries to get them to accept the card and charge and then it turned out to be a 3.7kw one :expressionless:

I have 6 Osprey Rapids two miles away at Stratford International and 90 minutes parking free to visit the Olympic Park or Westfield Shopping Centre. I’ll pop down later.

It’s just keeps getting better :wink:


Leave them for us. You’ve got the Superchargers. Isn’t that enough? :wink:

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You’re all being very disloyal to @Grandadgeorgec by abandoning the first and original Shell Card thread. He is 67 you know :wink:


I’ve just checked Osprey and again no chargers locally :pensive:

Looking at Zap Map, Bolton does seem a little lacking, especially when it comes to rapid charging. You just seem to be in an especially unlucky area.

The Polar rapid charger I see you’ve checked in at a few times over in Middlebrook does seem to be working (for now) with a charge session going on right now. So that’s something at least!

I’ve attached a screenshot of Zap Map around you with a filter set for all the included networks (Except for Instavolt - As this is still yet to be confirmed, and also ignoring Chargemaster for obvious reasons) and it really doesn’t look good for you.

Exciting news! (Especially given that all of the Pulse rapid chargers in my area have been swallowed up into covid testing centres of late!).

I have quite a few Charg.y lampost chargers nearby, does anybody know how this works with them? As far as I know, they don’t have RFID readers in them?

Exactly, the actual only rapid charger that is extremely close to me is a genie point, I do charge at middlebrook regularly but it’s a 10 mile journey each way :pensive: