Setting up ZAP MAP Filter

There are quite a few providers on the list, bit don’t show up on Zap Map, am I missing something?

Did you take that photo with your drone? :wink:

Lots of networks have come and gone, been renamed or taken over. Probably just poor housekeeping by Zap-Map.

Out of interest have you got an example of one no longer showing any locations?

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If you click it on a mobile device, you should be able to zoom in to the screenshot.

I couldn’t find half of the ones on ONTOs list


Chargepoint (instavolt excluded)
Franklin Energy

Sorry thought you were talking about the Zap-Map filter list, not the one included with the Shell Card letter. I noticed the same thing. I think I did find one or two on the actual map when I was looking for something else. Maybe if a small network doesn’t have more than a certain number of chargers then they’re not included in the filter list.

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Franklin Energy is listed under the LiFe network. They also have an app to locate their charging points.


EV Driver are connected to Plug-n-Go which is listed on Zap-Map. Again an app is available.

So how many apps do you need to see all the BP pulse/ Shell chargers?
Seems like Zap-Map and presumably PlugShare and others are not meeting the needs of users.

Even the Shell map doesn’t show this charger !

I too have had numerous issues of late with Zap Map. Chargers showing as the wrong network, or under the ‘Other’ network category (particularly EO for me).

It feels like Zap Map isn’t as up to date as it used to be, and with the addition of Zap Pay, it’s position as a independent aggregator seems a bit compromised.

Does anyone know of a more wiki style app? Where users can add chargepoints them selves?

It wouldn’t be impossible to build an app to do this, but I think it would only really be viable if access to the networks API was public

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Just looked at the Netherlands on Plug Share and a lot of those networks are over there. It’s where Shell is based I believe. So if you go to that country with your ONTO car, you’ll have no issues charging!

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OpenChargeMap is wiki style and, I believe, underlies a lot of ABRP data.

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